Simply loving these ... #1

22 January 2018

Its so easy to lose an hour or two scrolling online  ... I pop on to look for a recipe and end up 'wishing my wardrobe was more coordinated' ... 'feeling the need to revamp my decor'... 'jotting notes of books to read' ...'considering a no-dig garden'.... 'wanting to minamise' .. or 'learn yoga' and so it goes on.....

Whats grabbed your attention this week?  Some of my loves are below...

From the Design Sponge Blog via Bloglovin - these gorgeous earth tone ceramics...and this beautiful plant filled home.

From Instagram - The gorgeous ' teamtonkin ' account  Think muted earthy colours...lots of layers and textures..

From YouTube - The amazing 'TRUE 30 day Yoga Challenge ' by Yoga with Adriene - she is a absolute treat to listen to and so generous with her videos.

From Pinterest - These awesome little Essential Oil rollerball recipes and labels.

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