How to use your doTERRA Home Essentials kit

4 April 2018

I still remember when my first doTERRA order arrived.... I was SO excited....and couldn't wait to begin.

But then a moment of 'Overwhelm' swept over me.... and I remember thinking....
"holy heck... I hope I actually use them all!"

...but let me reassure you right now..... you WILL use them...and it wont be long before your collection grows by a couple.... because these gorgeous little amber bottles of goodness open up a whole new world.

So here are some really simple ideas for when your very first kit arrives.....

Plug in the diffuser and add 4 drops Peppermint and 4 drops of Wild Orange (if you have been gifted that) - its an incredible uplifting aroma.

Pop a drop of lemon in your drinking water and enjoy.

Make yourself an immune boost roller ball -  add 5 drops of each - Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemon, and On Guard and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Apply this morning and night to the soles of your feet. 

Make a non-tox bench spray with 10 drops On Guard and 10 drops lemon mixed with distilled water in a 300ml amber spray bottle.

Pop your Frankincense in the bathroom with your facial moisturiser.... and add a drop whenever you apply is incredibly nourishing.

Ready for bed? - Apply some Lavender to the souls of your feet for a restful sleep.  Use the diffuser in your room with 4 drops Easy Air and 4 drops  Lavender.

Drop 2 drops of  Peppermint or Wild Orange on a wooden clothes peg and clip to your car air vent for lovely natural car freshener.

Have a little bit of an upset tummy?... add a drop of Digestzen to your water....or rub in a drop in a clockwise motion.

Make a muscle / joint support rollerball simply my adding 20 drops of Ice Blue .. 10 drops of Frankincense and topping with fractionated coconut oil. Massage in as required. This is great for those tired shoulders and neck after too much time at the computer. 

If you have a little more time ... 

Make some air fresheners for the loo  (I found a metal spray bottle in the hair care section at our supermarket)  Add 10 drops of On Guard and 10 drops of Lemon - or try Peppermint / Lavender. 

Make a little 30ml spritz bottle with distilled water and 5 drops of Peppermint - its great as cooling spray in hot weather and for stopping the ants in their tracks indoors.

I made my own toothpaste - 2 tablespoons of baking soda.. 2 sachets of xylitol.. 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.. plus 10 drops of Peppermint oil... 5 drops of On Guard.. and 5 drops of Oregano. (Mixed up in a salve or upcycled jar.

If you are yet to experience these amazing below..

The most cost effective way to get started with the essential oils is with your own doTERRA membership: 
A doTERRA membership entitles you to wholesale member prices (25% off retail) for 12 months. 

There is absolutely: 
No obligation to order minimum amounts or to order monthly 
No obligation to do the business 
No obligation to order again (although you probably will want to, and if you do, you have your own login and password to get your goodies delivered straight to your front door) 
No obligation to renew your membership (if at the end of 12 months you would like to renew your membership for another year the cost is $25 and doTERRA will send a free 15ml peppermint as a thank you) 

Membership is $35 but the most cost effective way to begin is one of our starter kits that come with the ten most popular oils and FREE MEMBERSHIP! 

What’s the most popular kit?

The Home Essentials Kit is one of our most popular kits as it comes with our 10 most popular oils, and the beautiful petal diffuser, to buy all this separately WHOLESALE would cost you $415 plus the $35 enrollment fee. To buy all this retail would cost you over $500 Australian. 

When you get the Home Essentials kit it only costs you $330 which includes your enrollment packet, wholesale membership, own site and private support! Which is fantastic!

There are other kits / ways to start available so please shout out if interested.

If this is something that interests you head over to my 
"HOW TO BUY DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS" page and follow the steps to open your account and purchase.
OR / send me an email so I can help you out....I am always available and happy to help.

Once joined you will receive a welcome email from me with information..resources and invites to our private Facebook support groups.

Please email for any questions.

Id love to support and share this journey with you.... I'm all about keeping it simple and easy..
Much love..

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