5 Essential Oil Apps for on the go....

24 July 2018

How fantastic is it that everything is quick.. simple and readily available at our fingertips....including some awesome Essential Oil resources.
Here a few of my favourites....some I've been using for awhile and some I've only just stumbled upon...

Modern Essentials ..  

This is the App version of the Modern Essentials Book.... and one of my favourite resources. You can select information by oil or by complaint.... and is a go-to reference on the go.

Daily Drop ..

This App is a great little education App....it gives you short videos and challenges whenever you have free time...it also covers a great range of topics..

Diffuser Blends ..

Are you after diffuser inspiration? Then this will become your go-to App. You can even use the filter to suit your own oil collection....meaning no suggestions of oils you don't have.
It is a paid App.... but its worth it.


This is the doTERRA App...for those wanting to access to their doTERRA site while on the go.
You can visit your store...edit and schedule LRP orders and all your back office tasks all from this handy App.

Essential Life App..

This is my most recent App addition and I love it. Its a beautiful easy to navigate and view App. It has oil information... recipes and remedies. Its such a clean and easy to use App... and although it is a paid App...I consider it well worth the outlay.

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