DIY // Produce bags

3 August 2018

We all know the negatives around using 'single use' plastic... the environmental impact is huge..they can't always be recycled (although there are now some bins at COLES which will take them) .. they end up in landfill...and  are detrimental to our wildlife. Not to mention the chemicals in plastics that are then wrapped around our foods.

Supermarkets seem to be wrapping more rather than less... and who hasn't groaned when we see organic produce on a foam tray wrapped in cling wrap... seriously!!

Its SO simple to make this little change... imagine if we all shopped this way and left the plastic wrapped produce on the shelf... we would then be voting with our habits.

I have been using handmade DIY produce bags for almost a year now.... but recently when Alex was visiting I helped her sew some of her own....and we made some for Briony as well.

We used old curtains.... cut and sewn into a simple bag...with a drawstring top.
They weight slightly more than a plastic bag but you can either weigh and then pop the produce in the bag....or I just absorb the slight extra cost as its minimal.

Tiny steps... grow to a big difference.

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