Lets overhaul our personal care and home products - What do I need?

28 October 2018

You have your beautiful pure doTERRA essential oils... and you are ready to overhaul your personal care and home products..... its exciting. Its the beginning of a healthier low tox home... and all those nasty chemicals are heading to the bin....

BUT ...  all of a sudden its overwhelming .. where do I begin??

There are SO many options...
What accessories are handy?
What size should I get?
What do I use them all for?

I have put together this post to try and break it down into a super simple (and visual) run-down.

1. Salve Jar 175ml 

This is quite a substantial size jar which would be handy for making Body Scrubs and Salves. It could also be used for cleaning pastes or anything requiring a larger jar.

2. Salve Jar 60 ml

This is my great compact size jar...  I actually decant my facial moisturiser into this jar and add about 10 drops of Frankincense to the mix. I use it daily and my skin loves it.

3. Rollerball bottle 10ml

This is my most used size Rollerball bottle. 
What is a Rollerball bottle? Its a little 10ml bottle with a roller ball applicator in the top which makes it easy to apply oils topically.
These bottle can come with plastic...metal or gem stone balls in the top.... I actually prefer the metal rollers...but I guess its personal choice. The bottles also come in various colours.

Rollerball bottles are used to blend oils or dilute oils for easy topical application.

You could make: (These recipes are for adults - children need greater dilution)
Immune Blend - 3 drops each of Tea Tree.. On Guard.. Frankincense and Lemon filled to the top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Sleep Blend -  15 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Frankincense - filled to the top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Itchy bite blend - 8 drops of Lavender and 8 drops of Tea Tree filled to the top with Fractionated coconut oil.

4. Rollerball bottle 5ml

The 5ml size are handy for making smaller blends... (halve the 10ml recipes.)
Or ...  I love to make up a purse size Purefume for my bag...  add some oils of your choice... and fractionated coconut oil and you have a natural toxin free Purefume.

5. Foaming Body Wash 250 ml

One of my most favourite and used bottles.... we have more than one on the go...and a smaller version for when we travel. This wash is made with natural Castille soap .. fractionated coconut oil and essential oils...its nourishing to the skin... and all natural.

6. Foaming Pump 

I have one of these at each of our hand basins and the kitchen sink... they are a foaming hand wash pump and I love them. These actual bottles are available from Aroma Bottles and come with the label attached. They even have some recipes on their site - 
Orange and Lime Foaming Wash  

7. Face Serum Pump

This is another bottle from the Aroma Tools range (although you will find similar versions elsewhere)
There are many recipes online for a DIY face serum... treat your face to a high quality carrier oil like jojoba .. rosehip... or almond ... and add nourishing oils ... Rose would be divine.

8. 500ml Trigger Spray

I use this size spray for our bench sprays - no more chemicals on our benches... no more worrying about what our food is touching.. my bench spray is made from totally food based and safe products.

In a 500ml bottle add - 15 drops of On Guard and 15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and then fill with boiled and cooled water. You can add vinegar to the mix if you want some extra grease cutting power but personally I find this mix does a good job without.

9. 200 ml Trigger Spray 

I use this size to make our air freshener sprays. I keep a bottle in each bathroom and we use for freshening the air and also for a quick spray and wipe down of any surfaces.
I make the same On Guard and Lemon Mix - but you Lime and Wild Orange or even Eucalyptus would be lovely too.

I also made a natural Hair Spray in this bottle.... be warned though its sticky when it comes in contact with the floor.

10. 200 ml Spray Bottle 

Another good alternative for room fresheners... or other larger area sprays.

11. 100 ml Spray Bottle

Make your own Hand Sanitiser spray or what about a Stinky Boot Spray

12. 50 ml Spray Bottle

I love this size for lots of little spritz sprays - try some of these...

 'After Sun Spritz' with Peppermint and distilled water.

 'Sleepy Potion' Add 10 drops of Lavender and distilled water and spritz your bed linen at night.

'Ouch Spray' Add 10 drops of each Lavender..Tea Tree and Frankincense and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Spray lightly to cuts...scrapes and minor burns... for soothing and easing properties.

I hope this is a helpful guide. There are SO many other options available... so choose what suits you.

A few stores I love online are:

Centaur Packaging 
Natural Good Life (South Australia)
Aroma Bottles
Anitas Oil Essentials

I would love you to share what your favourites products and stores are in the comments...  share the love around.

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