Perfume or Purefume ?

25 October 2018

Have you ever wondered how safe your perfume / personal care products are?

Its something that worries me a lot. I am a cautious consumer....I tend to question everything and rightly so.  We cant just assume things are safe because sadly they are not!  If we are not careful we can spend every day swimming through a haze of chemicals and a lot of them are in the most unexpected places. Whats more...they are often easily avoided.

One chemical that is of real concern is Phthalates.... these are known endocrine disruptors and can affect multiple systems of the body and wreak absolute havoc on our hormones. They are also responsible for reduced sperm count and frighteningly even genital abnormalities in baby boys.... read enough yet?

Out of interest... Phthalates are found in hundreds of products from soft plastic items like rubber ducks  and yoga mats.... as well as scented products like candles... nail polish... and anything listed as fragranced... think perfumes... body lotions... air fresheners.

I am not an expert....nor do I feel qualified to talk a lot on this topic.... but I trust the work and words of Alexx Stuart at Low Tox Life - so please have a read of her work on this topic.

So.... what can we do?? 

The simplest way to reduce exposure is to remove the possible sources.... and one of those ways is to ditch the chemical concoctions that we use in our home and personal care items and switch to healthier options.

  • Make your own Bench Sprays ..Air Fresheners and hand-soaps from natural ingredients..
  • Choose phthalate free products ... bamboo yoga mats vrs plastic for example
  • Avoid plastic wherever possible... re-use glass jars for storage and never reheat of store heated items in plastic. 
  • Make the switch to Purefumes made with pure Essential Oils.... rather than chemical filled perfumes and fragrances.

What do I need to make PUREFUMES?

  •  5 or 10ml rollerball bottle or glass spray bottle 
  • Carrier Oil - I use Fractionated Coconut Oil (it absorbs fast and has no aroma)
  • Essential Oils of you choice. (I love and use doTERRA because I know these oils are pure... and tested grade..NO nasties.)
Add your Essential Oil drops to a Rollerball bottle and top with carrier oil and you are set to go.
How many drops? - I always dilute well... so between 10 - 20 drops total in a 10 ml (halve that for a 5 ml) ... and you can always adjust and add more oils if you personally prefer.

Why not give some of these combinations a try...

Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang
Whisper and Wild Orange
Frankincense.. Lavender and Wild Orange
Bergamot ..Lime..Vetiver and Arborvitae
Sandalwood.. Patchouli and Spearmint
Laveder...Lime and Copaiba
Patchouli...Wild Orange and Lime
Sandalwood ..Bergamot and Frankincense
Grapefruit and Vetiver
or you can use one of doTERRAS ready made blends... I personally love PEACE.

If you are interested in oils.... and would like ideas on getting started... please reach out...I would love to help you ditch some toxins from your home and personal care items... and replace them with natural alternatives. Check out the Essential Oil Tab above for how to purchase information.

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