Travelling with Essential Oils.... .... what to take

6 October 2018

When Oils enter your life.... there is no way you can travel without them.... they are life savers...and I am so grateful for them.

In May / June this year we took a trip to Canada / Alaska which was amazing.... and of course I selected some oils to come along with us ... the photo below shows my diffuser in our Chalet room at Denali National Park. 

So what and why ?

So this is what I took....
 (actually I didn't take the Correct X or TerraArmour.... but I would if I packed again)

I packed two little sets....
One for my carry on luggage and one for my check-in.

So in my CARRY ON I brought along....

  1.  Hand Sanitiser with ON GUARD and LEMON  - we sanitised our hands regularly throughout the day.. wiped down surfaces... and I even rubbed it to my throat one day when I felt a tickle coming on.. which thankfully disappeared. (Below you can see my little DIY sanitiser ... its On Guard and Lemon with Aloe Vera gel)
  2. BALANCE - (Grounding blend) ...I used this to ground and calm... I used it on flights when I struggled to relax... and at any stage I could feel myself beginning to clench my muscles.... its like a deep long breath.
  3. PEPPERMINT in a DIY nasal inhaler - This isn't shown but I made a little inhaler with Peppermint in it for the flights... however to be honest I didn't use it a lot.
  4. CITRUS BLISS hand lotion ... just because.
  5. I also took along PEACE - (the Reassuring Blend)  also for its beautiful calming benefits but also as my Purefume throughout the day.

Make sure you don't pack any liquids over 100ml - and seal them in a zip-lock plastic bag. I had no issues with these in my carry on. I always removed the zip-lock bag and put it in the security tray along with my phone and i Pad and there was never a question. 

In my CHECK IN luggage I packed..... 

  1. My Petal diffuser. I tucked it deep in my suitcase so it was protected and then I cranked it up the minute we got into our Motel Room with On Guard and Lemon to sanitise the air. (I also used it with Easy Air when our bus tour was struck by a horrible respiratory bug. Thankfully we both stayed well the entire trip and dodged the bug. I swear the combination of diffusing and using an immune roller blend every morning and night helped.
  2. LEMON - this was great for a drop in water and also in the diffuser.
  3. IMMUNE ROLLER- I premade a rollerball blend of On Guard..Lemon ..Tea Tree and Frankincense with Fractionated Coconut oil.... we rolled this onto the soles of our feet morning and night.... and I swear it helped keep us well.
  4. ON GUARD - Diffused once every day in our Motel room.... you never know what is hanging in the air... and I wanted ours clean.
  5. LAVENDER - Part of my every night routine...  beautiful for relaxing... and settling for sleep. It is also fabulous for any skin irritations... or seasonal threats if any arose.
  6. EASY AIR - This was a lucky inclusion.... we diffused  it near the end when the sickness struck and loaned it to friends who were really struggling for a day or so. I would not travel without this.
  7. DIGESTZEN - Another necessity ... I used this on about 3 occasions for upset tummy... my silly body doesn't tolerate dairy or fatty foods very well in its older a few nights I had to jump up and take a drop in a glass of water.... for almost instant relief. I would never travel without this.
  8. ICE BLUE - I made up this in a diluted rollerball ready for application..... and there was one day after walking almost 30000 steps that my calves and feet sighed with relief when I rolled this on. Its another must for those times of need.
  9. VETIVER - My night time routine.... my sleep bomb... and needed more than ever with the changing time zones.... this oil is a 'forever oil' for me.

I bought a zippered 10 pouch bag to house my oils safely and then slid this inside a large zip-lock bag in my case. I tucked it in where it was protected well... and had faith that even if a bottle was to leak or break ..the Zip-lock bag would contain the oil. Thankfully I didn't have any issues at all.... and my suitcase always smelt lovely from the oils inside. So win win!

I hope that helps if you are starting to think about what to pack....and I would love to know what your inclusions are for the trip as well.  Happy travels...

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