8 December 2018

We all need SUGAR SCRUB in our life..  there is nothing better for leaving your skin tingling...and moisturised.  I've had various ones over the years and they have all been beautiful but its so easy to make...and what a beautiful gift.


  • 1/4 cup of solid / unfractionated Coconut Oil 
  • 30 drops of Essential Oil (I used Lime and Grapefruit for a citrus zing)
  • Raw sugar


  • Add the coconut oil to a bowl and sit it over some hot water until it melts and becomes liquid.
  • Add the Lime and Grapefruit Essential Oils
  • Take your chosen jar and fill with raw sugar as a measure.
  • Tip the sugar into a mixing bowl and combine it with the coconut oil mixture and then scoop it into your jar.
  • Allow it to set.
  • Add a lovely gift label ... wrap it up...and gift it to a friend...or keep it for yourself.

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