10 Essential Oils for SLEEP

14 January 2019

I am pretty lucky ... most nights I sleep like the proverbial log....but every now and then ... sleep evades me...and I toss and turn all night.

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I am definitely not alone...sleep and stress are two issues that crop up time and time again in conversations with people when we talk Essential Oils and natural solutions.

Thankfully Essential Oils are incredibly helpful for both sleep and stress.... in fact in my job as a Paramedic I came across a prescribed medication the other day .. and after searching it online I found its only active ingredient was Lavender Essential Oil.  I did a little skippy dance.. and sent a quiet prayer to the heavens that finally... we have mainstream medicine considering natures options.

We all know of the benefits of Lavender Oil... centuries of use means that when we think sleep...we immediately think Lavender... but not everyone knows there are numerous other Essential Oils that work wonders on sleep as well.

I have found through trial and error that my sleep bomb is Vetiver oil... whereas a friend swears by a combination of Lavender and Wild Orange. If one doesn't work... try another or a combination.

So what oils are on the SLEEP list?

1. LAVENDER - one of my personal favourites... I love it for sleep...stress and skin. I roll this on topically every night to my temples... chest and a stroke across my pillow. Its the Essential Oil that I can smell when I make my bed in the morning.. all my bed linen has taken on a slight lavender scent.

2. VETIVER -  "a natural tranquiliser and in ayurvedic medicine it is known as the oil of tranquility. " Finding this oil was a godsend for me....even though I am generally blessed with good sleeping habits...if I am under stress or worried I often wake at 2 am and struggle to get back to sleep. Vetiver for me ... just as it says... is a tranquiliser... I roll it on topically at night... and more often than not that's the last I know until morning.

3. BERGAMOT - although Bergamot is a citrus oil and they are generally known for their uplifting qualities... Bergamot is beautifully calming and balancing for the emotions. Many swear by the addition of Bergamot in their nighttime roller blend... or in the diffuser. 

4. CEDARWOOD -  beautiful woody Cedarwood...  works wonderful on calming the emotions..and has the added benefit of opening the sinuses.  Try blending with Easy Air in the diffuser if you are wanting clearer airways as you sleep.

5. MARJORAM- try Marjoram blended with Lavender for its wonderful action on calming.. and balancing the emotions. 

6. JUNIPER BERRY - the aroma of Juniper Berry is said to aid in stopping an overactive mind... enabling you to get to sleep faster and combat any restlessness. 

7. SPIKENARD - known for its sedative properties that can assist with insomnia. 

8. GERANIUM -  has the ability to calm the mind and body .... easing it past the difficulty in getting to sleep. 

9. BALANCE - known as the grounding blend...  I find this oil incredibly beneficial when my mind is racing and I just cant switch it off to sleep. Its a handy one to reach for at 2am... apply a drop and inhale... its often enough to stop that over-thinking loop and allow sleep to take over.

10. WILD ORANGE - Once again a citrus oil ...generally known as uplifting. However...Wild Orange has a delicious calming affect...and blends so well with Lavender. 

(There are so many more Essential Oils that could have made the list ...however...10 seemed like a nice number.)

Recipes and Ideas to use these oils for sleep - 

The two ways I use these oils for sleep are - 

Topically - applied to feet..wrists... chest or temples 
You can add a drop or two to a puddle of carrier oil and massage in as you go to bed at night.
Or easier still.... create a roller-ball blend or spray so its ready to go.
As a rule of thumb.... for an adult...in a 10ML Rollerball bottle I aim for 20 drops of Essential Oil topped with carrier oil. 

Diffusing - I love this option for a wind down in the evening as preparation for bed. 
You may like to try some of these recipe ideas.

I would love to know your Oil for choice for sleep... please feel free to share in the comments.

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