7 January 2019

I have a HUGE collection of cookbooks (I don't think I'm alone)  .... I love them ..I enjoying curling up on the couch to read them .. but I rarely actually use them to cook anything !!


Because the enormous task of finding a recipe when I want it overwhelms me means scrolling through all the index pages... and honestly I just haven't got time for that! So I usually resort to jumping online and typing it into google...which is ridiculous when I have a hopeless obsession with collecting cookbooks!!

Then I had this idea.... (I actually thought I had come up with this idea first).... I decided a database for all my recipe books with one single index would make life so much easier. 

Imagine my excitement (and a little bit of bugger that I didn't invent it) when I realised it actually existed... its called 

I signed up... and added my first 5 books (5 books is free as a little tester)... so now I'm putting it to the test.

We currently have a zucchini glut I typed 'zucchini' into the search bar... and it brings up all the zucchini recipes in my books.... including the page number. How easy is that!!

If you haven't tried it... give it a go. You can list 5 books for free and then its a subscription service.

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