Simply Loving these # 8

1 January 2019

I am debating.... do I keep up my 'Simply Loving these' posts throughout 2019 or come up with a fresh idea? 
While I dillydally over that decision.... here is another list of 'LOVES' ... 

Eat your books -  a fabulous & simple way to keep track of your recipe collection.

Join a community of cookbook lovers & discover that Eat Your Books is a great way to make better use of your own collection"
It was just days after Christmas as I was flicking through two new books I received when I made the comment.... "its such a shame there isn't an App that allows you to create a 'Master Index' of all the book in your collection".... and then I came across 'EAT YOUR BOOKS - its not an App... but it seems really easy to use. I have kicked off with the FREE allows me to add 5 books ... I will definitely be considering the paid version if it works as well for me as I hope.

Adorn Cosmetics - .. a beautiful "ethical and guilt free cosmetics range for women devoted to a more healthier lifestyle who don't want to compromise on quality, style or luxury" I love that they are free from phthalates.. parabens.... or any of the other nasties... plus you can watch some great tutorials online. They offer affordable sample size pots so you can try before outlaying a fortune...and they are getting great reviews. I did just that....I watched some tutorials and ordered some samples... unfortunately I react to every single mineral type cosmetic I have tried.... including the foundation in this range...but the primer is brilliant.. and for those who don't have my sensitivity I am sure you will love it. 

Llama Planters - Aren't these the cutest?? Who can resist a little ceramic Llama?
If you are local to me here in the Riverland S.A they are available from 'Flowers by Jodie Lee' ..or maybe a small business near you??.... alternatively check our Etsy perhaps.

Ali Edwards 'One Little Word' - Have you chosen a 'word' as your focus this year? 

Its been a few years since I've joined in.... but I was drawn this year to focus my intentions on the word 'C L A R I T Y' .. just how I will document this I am not sure yet... but Ali is incredibly inspiring...  and her memory keeping style is more and more appealing to be as I simplify my life but yet still want to document the details and memories.


  1. please please Keep the "Simply Loving These" posts.....I love reading them and getting inspiration from them xx

    1. Thank you so much for saying that... I really enjoy putting them together and sharing... so its lovely to know they inspire others as well. xx