My reads - 2018

3 January 2019

Surely I'm no the only one who loves seeing what others have read? 
I use the Goodreads App.... if you don't already...its awesome! 
Each year it allows you to set a reading challenge... most years I choose 20 seems an achievable amount for me... clearly I fell a bit short in 2018 and only managed 15 but that's OK.

I dived into some self development last year... as well as a few recommended reads... one of my favourites was 'The Single Ladies of the Jacaranda Retirement Village' it had me chuckling out loud.

What was your favourite book last year??


  1. That's great Mardi, we are similar in lots of ways. I too discovered Gretchen Rueben last year through Linked In. I think she is great she also has some great podcasts.
    I've joined an online book club too so am busy trying to get the book read to write my review.
    Happy reading from Jayne ��

    1. Thanks Jayne... Book clubs are fantastic for introducing books that we perhaps otherwise wouldn't read.... I hope you are enjoying the book you have this month...Mardi x