Simply Loving These # 9

28 January 2019

So I figured...why stop a good my 'Simply Loving These ' Posts will continue into 2019 !
You can read back through previous posts here -  Simply Loving These Posts

1. I am still loving 'Eat Your Books' .. and I am also loving keeping our meals simple .. using whats on hand and in season. We were so lucky late last year to be given some fish fillets ..  so I've been on the lookout for some new ways to use them. How delicious does this recipe look?
Its from the 'The Mediterranean Dish'  Blog - Greek Style Baked Cod with lemon and garlic.

2. Podcasts ... I love them... I listen to them every day.... I listen when I walk ...I listen when I am in the kitchen....I listen in the car.
My latest obsession has been Brooke Castillo 'The Life Coach School' (I thought I would make a favourite episode suggestion ... but honestly I have loved so many...and what I connect with may not be the message you are after... so I highly recommend you check her out.

3.  When I was visiting my lovely friend Amanda in November I was totally smitten by her Tractor Seat Plant (farfugium japonicum)  .. like this one here on the livingdecorco on Instagram. I will definitely be in the lookout for one in the future.

4. I have been thinking of this for awhile....  and I am so tempted to purchase the pattern and create a 'Sweet Sunday Quilt' .. isn't it gorgeous. I have a large collection of vintage doileys... and fabric still on hand... the only thing stopping me is that there is a lot of cutting and piecing required....eeek.

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