Healthy Home Series - Introduction and Resources

19 February 2019

Welcome to the first post in my Healthy Home Series...

If you have been following for awhile you will know I am pretty passionate about 'Low Tox-ing' our home (and life) . Over the last year I have been sharing this love and hopefully inspiring others to get started on their lower tox pathway as well.

I was pretty carefree as child and young adult.. I felt bulletproof.... despite having chronic eczema requiring years of steroid treatment and desensitisation for a host of allergies.
Fast forward to my late 20's / 30's when I  first became aware and concerned about chemicals..toxins..and poisons... but  often made poor choices regardless. Then a cancer scare ten years ago really brought in to focus just how much exposure my current lifestyle and choices were subjecting me to. I gritted my teeth through that year of treatment.... coming out the end feeling like I was overloaded with chemicals and toxins... my body was swollen and tired... and I knew right then ... something had to change.

Ill be honest... it wasn't overnight...I didn't drag a wheelie bin into the house and just throw everything out like a crazy lady (although that is absolutely fine if that's how you roll.. in fact knowing what I do now....I would most likely do that too.)

What I did do.... was start exploring my alternate options... then each time I needed to replace something ....I made it a healthy choice and purchased a product I knew was better for us in our home.

It took me some time... trialing and switching and seeking recommendations. In the end I have settled on a combination of products. Sometimes I make a simple D.I.Y ... sometimes I purchase a 'healthy pre-made version'... and sometimes I find good old water and my Enjo will do the job.
One thing I know is that I  will not go back to using chemical concoctions in our home or on our bodies.

My aim with this series is to collate some of the D.I.Y recipes that I use... (or have come across) into these posts.... making it a 'one stop' resource... for myself...or anyone else who visits.
I will also touch on the chemicals I am trying to avoid...and why.
Plus if you are not into D.I.Y (and that's totally fine.. life is busy) I will also share some other options for you to consider.

Resources - 

Raw Ingredients

  • Castile Soap (I love Dr Bronners unscented)
  • Bicarb Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Citric Acid
  • Washing Soda
  • Essential Oils
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Sea Salt

Containers..bottles and Tools

  • Large glass jars for storage
  • Glass or Metal spray bottles
  • Glass Salve jars
  • Glass or P.E.T plastic foaming hand / body wash bottles

Where I shop

  • Aroma Bottles - Beautiful quality bottles / sprays - check out their bespoke labelled range.
  • Centaur Packaging - a great range of glass bottles / tools and raw ingredients.
  • doTERRA  - Pure Essential Oils  and also our Shampoo / Conditioner... toothpaste.. skin care.. and On Guard cleaning products like Washing Liquid and Cleaner Concentrate.
  • (Please leave me a comment if you are interested.)
  • Nourished Life - for my Makeup floss...and other items I cant D.I.Y 
  • Simply Clean - One of my go-tos for Off the Shelf products.
  • No Pong - for added hot weather protection (in conjunction with my everyday deodorant from doTERRA.
  • Enjo - I love their complete range...and use it in conjunction with my other products.
  • Kmart - have great storage and metal spray bottles.
  • Op Shops offer a treasure trove of glass jars and interesting bottles.

Essential Oils - 


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