LEMON Recipes - for when your tree is loaded.

8 June 2019

Every year it happens.... our tree bears a prolific crop and I'm searching for ideas on how to use them.

Not bad for tree that we almost pulled out of the ground in its second year when we noticed it had grown from under the graft.
But I saved its life because I liked the foliage ... I convinced Ian to keep it.... and its been abundant every year since.

Here are a few recipes I found on my search.....

Lemon Butter Cake - by Seasons and Suppers. (I first saw this on Instagram when Charlotte 'thehoursbetween' baked it for work.)

Ednas Lemon Curd Teacake - by Makeitperfect on the Thermomix site  A big thanks to Jodie of Sribblelane who mentioned this one to me.... omgosh its scrumptious!!

Easy Lemon Cookies - by Sweetest Menu (I haven't tried these but they look lovely)

Easy Lemon Curd -  Bake Eat Repeat (This one sounded easy....and I like easy!)

Lemony Quinoa with Turmeric - by The Harvest Kitchen (I was looking for something savoury... and this sounds scrumptious.

Have you got any lemon recipes you would mind sharing?

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