Simply Loving These #12

3 May 2019

Its time to share another 'Simply Loving These' post...... these are a little round up of things that take my fancy as I toddle through life....

1. If you are looking for a gorgeous gift idea....or a therapeutic tea you will LOVE the beautiful range of Artistry and Tea blends created  by Tiarni. (I have recently popped in an order and can not wait for it to arrive. Tiarni has a background in Naturopathy... so her teas and body creams are prepared with a specific therapeutic benefit in mind.)

2. How gorgeous are these beautiful sheets and bedding from Elkie and Ark with their sustainable ethical and luxury linen.

3. If you are a lover of getting into the bush.... or trying out some 4WD tracks... bushwalking... or just getting away from it all....I can highly recommend Bendleby Ranges located near Orroroo in the Flinders Ranges. We spent a weekend camped there with friends and loved it. It was pristine... quiet.. and a chance to get away from it all.  They offer varying accommodations.... including private campgrounds away from everyone....  with firewood and a long drop loo included.

4. If you are wanting to take advantage of the incredible 20% off deal that doTERRA are currently offering it ends this month!! If you would like more this post HERE or just send me an email -

5. Brene Brown - The Call to Courage on Netflix - this is brilliant!! If you haven't already ..  please watch it (I think everyone should.) I have enjoyed some of Brenes books...  but actually listening to her talk is next level awesome!

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