Simply Loving These - #17

5 September 2019

1. How sweet are these little Propagation Stations from - Lush Little Jungle ... there are so many styles to choose from too.

2. I am absolutely loving 'Old peoples home for 4 yo's' - on ABC. I have had tears... lumps in my throat and happy smiles watching the beautiful interactions of these children and the elderly residents. Seeing their faces light up ... and the way the kids motivate and encourage them to exercise... its SO good. It airs on Tuesday nights.... but you can catch up on iview.

3. Have you tried 'HELLO FRESH' ? I was encouraged to give it a try by my friend Shona.... and it arrived this week. I chose 4 meals for the week.... and they all arrived packaged up with a recipe card...ready to cook. Last night we created our first meal....and it was delicious.... the ingredients are all fresh... and it was simple to make... and a generous size. I was actually really impressed.
You can use my discount referral HERE if you would like to give them a try.

4. Looking for another Podcast / Blog suggestion? ....I have been binge-ing The Food Medic if you love health.. nutrition and a British accent...then you will love Hazel at The Food Medic.

5. Are you feeling a bit Meh! about the clothes in your wardrobe at the end of Winter? ...Me too...I have wasted hours online looking for some inspiration for the Spring weather. I would love any suggestions if you have a BLOG or a capsule wardrobe you follow. I think its tine to update ....and set up my Cladwell Spring Capsule.

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