15 September 2019


We all need it... we crave it... but so many of us struggle with it.

In our 'Simply Wellness Members Group' we have been chatting a lot about SLEEP... and it seems there are three main categories...

  • Those that sleep like a log every night.
  • Those that struggle to fall asleep... and spend hours counting sheep.
  • Those that fall sound asleep then wake at 2 - 3 am... and watch the clock for hours.

Thankfully Essential Oils are incredibly effective for promoting and supporting sleep...and we have a large array of choices - it can be as simple as using lavender... to exploring less common oils and blends.

Some Essential Oils to consider are: Lavender, Vetiver, Wild Orange, Cedarwood, Easy Air, Balance, Lavender Peace, Roman Chamomile. have some Essential Oils.... but how do you use them for sleep?
Perhaps you could... 

  • Create a SLEEP rollerball blend
    In a 10ml Rollerball
    add 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 5 drops Frankincense.
    fill with a carrier oil - and apply as a roll on to temples... behind ears...pulse points.
  • Try diffusing
    3 drops Easy Air
    3 drops Lavender
    3 drops Wild Orange

  • Do suffer from night time mind chatter?
  • Massage 1-3 drops of Balance to the bottoms of your feet..
  • Diffuse - a particular favourite of mine is Lavender and Easy Air. (2 drops of each)
  • Make a 'sleep station' alongside your bed.... consider a bedroom diffuser... or maybe a little basket with your night time oils ready to go?
  • Make a pillow spray in a mister bottle.
    In a 50ml Mister bottle
    add 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and fill with distilled water. Mist your pillows and bed linen for a beautiful sleepy aroma.
  • Make a  relaxing bath soak... Add a few drops of Essential Oil (blended with a carrier oil) to a bath along with some Epsom Salts or Magnesium Flakes. (Recipe below)

Or what about trying one of these ideas.... 

  • Write in a gratitude diary helps to clear the mind and studies show that writing in a gratitude journal for 15 minutes every evening helps to worry less at bedtime and sleep longer and better afterward
  • Have a evening detox bath - perhaps treat yourself to one night a week to help your body process stress and toxins.

    2 drops Lavender
    2 drops Roman Chamomile
    2 drops Ylang Ylang
    1 Tablespoon of carrier Oil
    1 Cup Epsom Salts
    Mix these ingredients together in a bowl first and then add to the bath full of warm water.
  • Recycle an empty 5 - 15ml oil bottle by turning it into your diffuser 'master blend' - Add your chosen night time oils into the empty bottle to make it simple each night to add your diffuser drops.
  • Try leaving your electronic devices off after 8pm.
  • Try Lavender.. Wild Orange and Cedarwood as a night time blend..or a pillow / bed linen spray.
  • Have you tried Past Tense or Ice Blue as part of your night time routine? Addressing any pain issues can mean a more restful sleep.
  • Try using 'white noise' it helps to drown out any background sounds... traffic...tractors...snoring partners etc. It is available for Apple and Android - (Thanks Amanda for this tip)
  • Accept that your body clock may be different to others... and its OK to be a night owl or an early bird. If you suffer insomnia throughout the night..take the pressure off yourself and relax knowing that you are still resting...even if you arent sleeping.
  • Have you tried Magnesium for sleep? It comes in a tablet...powder or oil... and can make such a difference for mood... cramps... and sleep.
  • Try a meditation App like CALM - you can choose meditation or sleep story.
  • Keep your bedroom cool - studies show we sleep better on a reducing temperature.
  • Change your device screen to 'Night Shift' ..and its warmer light spectrum.
    (" On your phone - enter settings - display and brightness - night shift. This mode allows you to shift the colours of your display to the warmer end of the spectrum after dark. The 'warmer' the screen the less blue light it emits - the less blue light the better you will sleep.")

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