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14 October 2019

I had hang up my 'scrapbooking hat' well over a year ago .... its something I had loved with my entire heart but as JOT Magazine wrapped up.... the deadlines were no longer there....and I just didnt make the time for it. Months went on.... and I decided I doubted I would ever get back into I culled heavily and donated a lot of my stash.

Then this little guy came along....

I noticed that my other 3 grandbabies LOVED their albums so much.
Just watching them flip through them... calling to each other to 'look at me'... and laughing at all the captured moments.... it was was what is was all about.
How could I only make 3 albums and then this little guy not have one?

So I'm back in the seat.... and I'm scrapbooking again..  I feel rusty....Im wobbling....but I am getting it done.

This is how I got restarted.....
  1. I scraplift myself. I choose a layout from one of the other kids albums.... and I recreate it in a fresh new way. 
  2. I scoured through everything I have left and made a pile of 'boy papers and pieces'
  3. I dont stress it being perfect.... I have learned that the kids don't care two hoots....they just love seeing themselves.

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