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5 October 2019

So... I am only days away from my breast implant 'explant' ... and seriously I can not wait.

(stock image ..quite clearly not me)

Its incredible the difference a month of reading and researching can do... what I know now scares the bejeezers out of me....and yet only a few months ago I was in a oblivious bubble.
I have worked through every single emotion and currently I'm sitting at eager anticipation.

So my surgery is booked for Tue 8th October and I am on the second patient on the morning list at Flinders Medical Centre  ...so nice and early thank goodness.

I am having my textured Allergan implants removed - I believe they are 200ml although I am not sure...obviously my implants were not for breast enhancement but rather for reconstruction..so are not overly large.

I have been asked a few questions this last few weeks... and to be honest this entire chain of events has all happened so fast that I have multiple unanswered questions myself... but I will ask them all on the day of surgery.

I already have scarring that reaches from deep in my armpit horizontally across my chest on the left approx 25 - 30 cm long ...plus an approx 20 cm scar under and up my right breast...so I am guessing they will use the same scar lines...however I am not entirely sure.

I have joined a really supportive group for women with Breast Implants that shares a vast amount of information about Breast Implant Illness and their explant stories. Its been surreal reading stories so similar to mine...woah! what an ostrich I was.

There is an upside to this group.... its raised my awareness .. its given me informaton... its made me realise I am not alone and that what I have quietly put up with as my norm....it not 'norm' and I could quite possibly feel better.

The downside is they are very specific about how the surgery should be performed ... the risks of exposure to toxins throughout the surgery... and an overall awareness of some pretty nasty issues that could arise. I am trying to keep a lid on all my anxieties and focus on the fact I have a wonderful surgeon... and what will be...will be. I will deal with whatever arises.. if and when it does.

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If you want to read more on the Allergan implants and BIA-ALCL Lymphona via the TGA - read here

So I have had my implants for just on 10 years ... I  wasn't aware of any dangers really..... I think I was just so glad to 'box up the entire breast cancer saga that everything that followed I just accepted as the new normal me. In hindsight I have suffered symptoms for probably quite a few years... things that I just assumed were normal post breast cancer.... or normal for my age...or normal because I wasn't exercising enough...or normal because I was tired and worked shift work...or normal because I was under stress...or normal because my diet wasn't perfect. Always just 'chalking it up' to an external factor.... but never actually thinking maybe these bags of toxic chemicals inside me could be responsible.

I do not want to scare anyone... but if you....or someone you know has implants...inform yourself... do some reading... don't do a Mardi.

So some of what I have learned is that breast implants can wreak havoc with our immune systems ...they force it into overdrive... which eventually can lead to dysfunction ...autoimmune symptoms and disease. Then to add insult.. while our bodies are in such a state of chemical bombardment they can not detox efficiently and the toxic load in our bodies increases.

From what I have read the implant covering can degrade / leach chemicals and rupture (as mine has done) spilling chemicals directly into our bodies.

I had never thought of it before... but I guess its the same as leaving a plastic water bottle in the car on a hot day and then finding it undrinkable...all those chemicals have contaminated the water.... in our case... the chemical filled toxic bags in our bodies are warm and leaching too.

This article gives me the heebie jeebies... but if you are wondering about the safety of those implants - READ HERE

Here are some of the known ingredients in silicone and other breast implants:
Methyl ethyl ketone (neurotoxin), Cyclohexanone (neurotoxin), Isopropyl Alcohol, Denatured Alcohol, Acetone (used in nail polish remover and is a neurotoxin), Urethane, Polyvinyl chloride (neurotoxin), Amine, Toulene, Dicholormethane (carcinogen), Chloromethane, Ethyl acetate (neurotoxin), Silicone, Sodium fluoride, Lead Based Solder, Formaldehyde, Talcum powder, Oakite (cleaning solvent), Methyl 2- Cynanoacrylates, Ethylene Oxide (Carcinogen), Xylene (neurotoxin)
Hexon, 2-Hedanone, Thixon-OSN-2, Stearic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Naptha (rubber solvent), Phenol (neurotoxin), Benzene (carcinogen/neurotoxin), Lacquer thinner, Epoxy resin, Epoxy hardener, Printing Ink, Metal cleaning acid, Colour pigments as release agents, Heavy metals such as aluminium (neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer’s and auto immune disorders), Platinium, Silica

Pretty scary stuff hey! ...especially when you read they are now linked to multiple health conditions including cancer.

So the risk with the Allergan Textures Implants (that I have) is  Breast implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) it is a form of lymphoma that occurs with textured implants. The T.G.A (Therapeutic Goods Administration) estimates between 1-1000 1 - 10,000 will develop BIA-ALCL .. the thought is that the textured surface gives an ideal surface for bacteria to grow. This creates chronic inflammation which leads to the cancer developing.
(I actually read this on another site - that an estimated 300,000 women get implants every year so that would mean between 30 and 300 would develop BIA ALCL each year... how scary is that)

So... on Tuesday I will be having my toxic implants removed....and I am so grateful for that. I have declined replacement implants ..the thought of replacing with a 'safer' version just doesnt seem right to me. I have instead been offered some 'fat' transfer that will fill some of the gap where my implants once were....and if there is one thing I have got plenty of...its extra fat. I have been pre-warned I may not have the most ideal silhouette post surgery....but I couldn't care less....Ill take health over breasts every single time.

I will continue to share as the process evolves.... and I am happy to answer any questions... or direct you in the direction of any of the information I have come across.

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