Simply Loving These #18

23 October 2019

Gosh its been awhile.... but here is a new 'Simply Loving' post.... its where I lost 5 things that have twigged my interest lately.
This time its Podcasts....bedlinen and Soulful Women.

  1. I joined the Online Essential Oil Hormone Summit recently....and the very first speaker was Jackie Ritz (The Paleo Mama) on the topic of Explant and Detox with Essential Oils. If you are interested I found this previous podcast where she speaks on the topic.
  2. Speaking of Podcasts - HERE is another that I am keen to listen to. Its one of my Essential Oil favourites Dr Eric Z speaking about the Power of Essential Oils on the The Healthy Heart Show.
  3. As soon as I am feeling up to it I am going to have a wardrobe cull.... I have already found that some of my tops and dresses are no longer suitable now that I am a little flat in the breast area. My goal is to create a Spring /Summer capsule (because I am a huge Capsule Wardrobe fan ..especially when I combine it with the Cladwell App)  so while I have been resting....I've been searching inspiration.... and I always love the colours and the way Erin of Cotton Stem pulls her capsules together.
  4. Target.... omgosh.... how gorgeous are these Amali Quilt Covers ! I absolutely love what Target are doing with their home-wares and linen these days.
  5. Last year .. my friend Shona encouraged me to join her in Kelly Hines Soulful Women group... and its been so wonderful and helpful. I am not as consistent as I would like.... but I have learned new ways of thinking.... its given me new insights into the way I interpret emotions and thoughts ....its helped me recognise triggers... and process thoughts. The group I am in is a closed group called Soulful Women .. and Kelly opens this group to new members on occasions throughout the year. However she has some great tips and inspiration in her public group - Body and Soul with Kelly Hine.

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