Sunday brain dump ...

15 March 2020

I woke today feeling antsy.
I am not surprised... because I know myself... and I know I am easily influenced by things happening around me... I absorb energy easily .. and I have a tendency to jump ahead and worry.

I also knew it was going to be 'one of those days' when at 6.30 am  I encountered a very slow car on my way to work  ... it was obvious I was going to be later to work than normal and it bothered me. I could feel my stress level rising before I even arrived.... add to that 4 coffees... and I'm jittering and unsettled. I hate this feeling.

Then as I was scrolling Insta while eating my lunch I noticed Reannon (The Back Fence Blog)  mention she was feeling the same... and had 'dumped' her thoughts.... I immediately felt an urge to do the same.

I went sailing again yesterday.... it was only a short session and I am definitely still learning the skills.... but I love it. I have been bingeing You Tube sailing videos... googling 'the best beginner sailboats' and checking out Gumtree. I want one. I also want a husband that shares the love of sailing and dreams of sailing adventures together. Instead of that I have a husband who dreams up all the reasons why I would hate my dream...  and who considers even the most affordable boat to be totally out of the question. Luckily I love him...  so Ill slowly work on it by myself because I doubt he will ever share it.

Our travel plans have been squashed again. Last year we cancelled our trip to Cambodia at the last  minute because Dad was ill.... and thank goodness we did. We booked again for this year ... and its been much longed for... but with the current Covid 19 crisis its once again cancelled. Unfortunately insurance doesn't cover pandemic either.. sigh.
I feel sad... I have wanted this trip for so long.... and we were so close to it becoming a reality... but its out of our hands and I accept that. I know there are so many others in far worse situations... and its imperative that we all do our part in limiting the spread of this virus. I have no doubt in the future we will get to Cambodia... two strikes is definitely not out.

I am frustrated by the constant 'side taking' between mainstream and complimentary medicine. For goodness sake... lets do absolutely everything that mainstream medicine has to offer... lets listen to our health organisations and adopt their advice. However I also see no harm in complimenting that with alternatives and holistic approaches. There is room for both in this world...  it doesn't need to be one way or the other. When it all boils down .. all we have on offer is to protect ourselves as much as we possibly can.... keep our bodies as healthy as we can... isolate as much as we can (pretty difficult when you work in health.... or are a teacher or work in public service) ..and seek medical attention if unwell. So in my opinion there is plenty of scope for smart alternate choices and there are some wonderfully educated Naturopaths and Healers giving great adjunct advice.

While on the topic of Covid 19 - have you stockpiled supplies?  I haven't... nor did I think I would... but the threat of potentially having to spend two weeks totally quarantined at home does make me think it wouldn't be silly to grab a few extras when we shop.

Our front garden is a mess!! I've lost so many plants this year...the heat was relentless and we had minimal rain.... plus rampant pumpkins have taken over and smothered everything in their path.
Further down our street is a home with a magnificent garden. I have literally stopped there to admire it more than once on my walks. This week the owner Peggy was in her yard and I complimented her on how much I loved it. We had a lovely chat about gardening...and she offered me some great advice which has renewed my energy and resolve to get mine looking better.

I've been stitching a quilt in my spare time.... its made with triangles and I was initially worried that it would be tricky.... its not. Its coming together beautifully.

Here's a random one... Gee I wish I had continued with running all those years ago (I stopped because of an injury...and never ever started again) I follow some runners on social media and I want to 'feel that feeling' again.... but I HATE running in the beginning....I hate feeling puffed...and feeling like my body is jiggling... and  my legs are puffed.... I give up so quickly every single time I try.
I tell myself stories like "you are far too old to begin" .. and " you aren't built for running" .. and " running is hard on your joints" ... and "yoga is better for older bodies" (and I don't do Yoga either) ... you get the picture.

I had the opportunity to chat with a beautiful group of Mums this week about lowering the toxic load in our homes... and ways we can support our families naturally. I love that the 'tide is turning' and we as a generation are becoming more savy with our choices... we are questioning more than ever... and wanting to do better. I love that we have choices on the shelves now... flip that product over and read the ingredient list ... don't just assume its safe because its got 'natural' on the label.

How are you feeling at the moment? .. whats on your mind?

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