Simply Loving These #22

17 March 2020

Are you tired of the constant bombardment of virus information? I know I am. So I feel its time for a 'Simply Loving These' list again....

1. There is a definite cooling off of the weather....its got me thinking about my clothing for this new season..... once again I am considering a capsule wardrobe. I really loved the colour palette and style of Jess at Mirror and Thread.

2. I saw these little tear drop plant hangers online and immediately thought of my beautiful littlest girls who love their softie animals.... I can just imagine them loving these alongside their beds.

3. We eat a lot of 'salad lunches' ... and its definitely the dressing that takes it from 'ho hum to woah' .... Lauren from Ascension Kitchen has this post with lots of ideas.

4. Podcasts..... I love them. My latest binge has been The Shift with Katherine Maslen ... its unlike any other podcasts I've listened to.... in that its like a documentary style conversation all about gut health. Its been brilliant and well worth a listen if health (and in particular gut health) is of interest.

5. I've found a dream home and dream life for when I finish sailing the world in my other dream life. (dream on)

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  1. I love the capsule wardrobe, especially since it’s a style that any age group can wear with a bit of tweaking.