Simply Loving These #23

18 April 2020

Oops.... I went M.I.A there for a bit .... so lets celebrate my blog return with a Simply Loving These post....

1. Do you remember Coffee Scroll biscuits from your childhood?...they were a real favourite of mine. (Maybe they are still available? I'm not sure) ... anyway.....I noticed this recipe and my mouth began watering. Perhaps Ill get Mum to make me some.

2. While we are on the topic of Biscuits.... these remind me of my Grandma Lorna and Christmas. Honey Jumbles... hers were always round with pink icing and we called them Honey Biscuits... but I think its a similar recipe.

3. I still remember years ago sitting at a Escape 2 Create scrapbooking retreat and my lovely friend Amanda talking to me about bullet journals.... that was my first introduction.... I've had a fascination with them ever since. I don't have one.... but I cant help loving what others create.

4. I have recently been scrapbooking again..... and on my search for some 'product inspiration' I came across my lovely friend Sheree Forciers You Tube channel and its lovely. I also love the Felicity Jane kits.... I have been umming and ahhing about purchasing one. 

5. Gardening.... its where I have been the last week.... outdoors in our new raised bed vegetable garden. I am a HUGE fan of Morag Gamble... and her permaculture garden techniques.... and although I didn't go for the traditional 'no-dig' garden I did use a lot of her techniques and advice in our raised beds.


  1. Lovely blog Mardi you got me at coffee scrolls, how good were they come to think of it I haven't seen them for a long time.
    Your gardening sounds great fresh is always best, and it's just great to cook with what you grow.
    I'm virtual Scrapbooking atm I'm really enjoying my stash of old supplies! 💜 Jayne

    1. I know.... those coffee scrolls were always a favourite. Im glad you are enjoying some scrapbooking again.... I also have loved revisiting it this year. Stay well...Mardi x