Simply Loving These #24

6 June 2020

I am back with a 'Simply Loving These' post.... sharing some love back out into the world at this time of unease and unrest. I feel so saddened by the happenings in our world at the moment ... but also really naive...and unequipped to know what to say or do.

1. I was so taken by these fabrics (and cushion covers) featuring stunning fabric designs and in particular the Aboriginal Art so appeals to me. Little did I know when I stumbled across them that this store 'Flying Fox Fabrics' is in Coffin Bay South Australia.

2. Have you been looking for some beautiful modern labels for your essential oil blends / DIYs.... if so...check out Oil Culture Labels... they not only have cute labels...they also share some beautiful recipes... blend ideas...and information via their emails. It well worth checking them out.

3. We recently stayed at the Wilpena Pound Camping Ground - in the Flinders Ranges South Australia.... and really enjoyed it.  What did I love most? ... we could have our own campfire on our camp site...  there were walks / hikes directly from the camp ground... it was lovely and central to the scenic drives.. lookouts and other walks. The weather was lovely during the day.... freezing overnight.

4. Do you do a Sunday Reset? ... this is something I have wanted to incorporate for so long... I keep reading about it... thinking about... planning it... but I always just 'flip it off' as unimportant once Sunday rolls around. I loved this article though.... and it got me thinking....

5. I recently watched a screening of 'My Year of Living Mindfully' by Shannon Harvey.... it was brilliant actually. What spoke to me was that through sitting in mindful meditation for 45 mins a day (yes to me that seems a lot) ...research pointed to the fact she may have actually changed her brain..and DNA.

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