The week that was ..

2 May 2021


How has your week been?

I thought I would share what's been happening around here since my last update.....
In the kitchen - I love making a big pot of curry that we can stretch out over a few meals... this week I made a chicken braised in coconut milk (could easily be converted to a vegan recipe without the chicken) 
It also gave me a chance to use some of my kaffir limes.... I zested some into the accompanying rice.... and it was delicious.
In the garden - My seedlings are all growing well.... I still haven't decided what else I will plant.... but its getting closer to the planting I better get a wriggle on.
My lemon tree is loaded so it wont be long and Ill have lemons coming out our ears.
On my craft table - I switched back to macramé this week.... so I have almost completed a piece that is being sent off as a special gift. I had forgotten how much fun tying knots can be.

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Have you stumbled across anything that you would love to share? I love recommendations and ideas 😁

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