26 April 2021

Hello there..... 

Its been awhile since I have shared a post...... but I recently shared this update in our private oily group and then figured it might be a good fit here on the blog.

I have been a little AWOL online this year... I have had weeks where I haven't even opened social media... or emails.
I don't know about you... but I came out of 2020 feeling exhausted and I made a conscious decision to step right back and recover some balance in life.
My very last BLOG POST was January 2021 - I wrote

"What I do know is that I have found many of the simple things that make me happy.... I can also recognise the things that don't.... so 2021 will be my year of CALM.
I intend on making some tough decisions so that I can align myself with what my 'soul wants' ... and not what I feel obligated to do.
I want CALM of body... mind and soul..... I want a CALM home and a CALM life."

I am proud of myself for honoring that.

I have spent the last few months doing all the things I love....
I have been crafting and creating.... cleaning and organising... walking and cycling.... camping and kayaking.... gardening and preserving. I've also created some wonderful habits and systems to keep me on track.

From my oil stash - I refilled our toilet cleaner with Tea Tree and added a few drops of Ylang Ylang ... it makes the ensuite smell amazing.
Its so simple..... grab any old recycled jar and add bicarb soda (leave room for it to shake) then add 10 or so drops of Essential Oil .... shake vigorously to mix the oils evenly through the bicarb.
To clean the toilet (works well on the shower floor tiles too) sprinkle.... brush and rinse.

I have been loving Eucalyptus and Lavender in the bedroom diffuser.

In the kitchen - I came across Robyn Conley Downs via a Podcast and I've since made a number of her recipes (The lentil soup was delicious) - she simplifies meal planning and her recipes are very quick and easy - She shares her fall meal plan here 

In the garden - After spreading compost weeks ago I have finally planted some vegetables. I need to pop in some more.... but Beetroot .. Broccolini .. and some fresh salad greens were all added yesterday. I also pulled out the last of the tomatoes and re-did the strawberry bed. It was a full... but satisfying day.

On my craft table - I have just finished the Infinite hearts quilt... a sweet little 'scrap buster' quilt - pattern by Emily Dennis of Quilty Love.
Plus.... I have been loving learning embroidery after a friend encouraged me to join in with a 'Stitch a long' hosted by The Barmy Fox on Instagram . Have you tried embroidery? ... its so much fun.

What I'm reading - I have been reading a LOT this last few months... a few I loved in particular were -
The Salt Path - Raynor Winn
The last hours - Minette Walters
The Evening and the morning - Ken Follet
The Resilience Project - Hugh van Cuylenburg
Think like a Monk - Jay Shetty

What I've been listening to -
Podcasts -
The Feel Good Affect
The People we meet

Spotify - just a generated Comfort Zone playlist.

What I've been watching -
MAFS - despite it being 'out and out bullying' on national tv.
You Tube - Living off grid with Jake and Nicole
Space Invaders - on Nine 

One habit I have created and hope to stick to - having a 'Sunday Reset' which includes -
Deleting all the rubbish photos off my phone
Planning our meals
Writing a shopping list
Booking my gym sessions
Creating a list of 'action items' for the week ahead.

So far its been working so well..... life has been flowing so much better.

I hope you are cultivating some lovely habits for yourself this year too.


  1. Well, I am glad to see you are back in the swing of blogging. I think of it as a calming activity, sorting my thoughts and sharing a few. That quilt is simply stunning - enough said.

    1. It is calming ... and it was lovely to be back sharing. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment x