The week that was ... mid Sept 2021

28 September 2021

How has your week been?
Its been quite awhile since I popped in with an update.... but I figured I might try and update a little more regularly again... if for no other reason than its a great memory keeper for myself.

Life feels as though its shifted into a whole new gear this last 12 months... through all the uncertainty and change in the world I have actually become very content. My love of homemaking... gardening and preserving keeps me so busy with lots to learn and do..... and its not a chore because I love it. 

In the kitchen - One of the biggest success stories in our life has been my consistent meal planning and shopping that I started this year. Its my version of a 'Sunday Reset' where each Sunday I sit and plan our weeks meals ahead.... we keep it pretty simple and I try to factor in what we have on hand. I then shop once for the week ...  including a 'fruit and veg' order from our local supplier. Its been such a game changer as far as organisation... reduced waste and healthy eating. I use the MealBoard App to help plan... store the recipes and create my shopping list. Its not a fancy 'bells and whistles' App... but its super functional and reliable. 
If you are interested ... last weeks plan included - 
Spicy Tahini Chicken Stirfry
Honey Glazed Salmon
BBQ and  lots of Veg
Homemade Beef Burgers

In the garden - So much is happening on the garden front .... my raised beds have been replanted with fresh seeds. I did get some started in seed trays.... but then my new propagation tent fell over in the wind and emptied the lot onto the ground.... so I skipped that and planted direct.
Snails and slugs are the bane of my existence.... so its a constant battle.
I have planted out so much this season.... tomatoes... cucumbers....zucchinis...radish...beans... beets... and so on... but even here a few weeks later the slugs/ snails are slaughtering them as they germinate so Im not sure what my success rate will be.
On the other garden front we have planted a couple of huge rows at B&Js home.... they have the space...with plenty of sunlight....and far less snails. Lets see how we go this year with that.

For the preserve cupboard - Onions were cheap so I made a big batch of onion jam.... and I picked a huge stack of greens for the freezer. I blanched these and then froze them in blocks.... great for throwing in curries ...stews...soups. I did also have a bit of a splurge on preserving jars... lids and I should be all set for the 'produce season'. 

On my craft table - My poor neglected craft table....  other than the Rosina Planes Letitias Garden crochet blanket I am working on in the evenings (only the border to go)... I haven't found much time for craft. I do however have a Emily Denis plus quilt well and truly on the go.... and another sneaky project set to cut.

What I'm reading -
I just haven't made reading a priority of late.... other than gardening and preserving articles.
I do have the Dr Libby Weaver - Accidentally Overweight book on the go.... and I read it at the rate of about 8 pages a week at this stage.

What I've been listening to -
Podcasts -

What I've been watching -
The Block
Nine Perfect Strangers
You Tube - 
Acre Homestead
That 1870's Homestead
Three Rivers Homestead

Have you stumbled across anything that you would love to share? I love recommendations and ideas

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