Easing in to January 23

10 January 2023

Now the rush of Christmas and New Year have passed ... its time to start making plans for the year ahead. I sat down with my brand new diary/planner yesterday and jotted in a few important dates and made a list of 'ideas' things I would love to tackle this year.
I have decided to keep life intentionally simple this year... no huge 'resolutions' 'to-do lists' or 'goals'... I am tired of looking at lists and feeling I've come up short.

My first focus has been preserving the garden harvest.... so over the last few days I've added-

  • 10 jars of cordial - using lemon from our tree that had been languishing in the freezer plus some orange from our neighbours tree. (I use a Fowlers size 27 - it pours into a Bickfords cordial bottle perfectly for storage in the fridge once opened.
  • 9 jars of tomato soup (I love using a Fowlers size 20 jar - its similar to a can of soup size)
  • 5 jars of plain roasted tomatoes
  • 6 bottles of tomato sauce (I re-use store bought passata bottles for my sauce)
My garden has been a little disappointing this year... it looks like an enormous green jungle out there but pollination has been slow and I just haven't had anywhere the produce I had last year. I am just grateful for all that it does produce and whatever I get up on the shelf.

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