Who said the tomatoes were slow this year?

27 January 2023

 I did exactly the same last year.... I prematurely panicked that my tomatoes weren't producing enough and rushed out and bought a box for preserving... and then next minute.... I have tomatoes everywhere!

This year along with the gazillion volunteer cherry tomato plants I also planted some beautiful varieties. Some from seed (Happy Valley Seeds) and a few from some seedlings a friend kindly shared.... and in true Mardi fashion I recorded them well (not at all) although I think the yellow ones are simply called 'Large Yellow' and I believe one of the gifted seedlings was a 'Black Russian' 

At the time of this post I have preserved -
5 jars of roasted tomatoes 
6 passata bottles of tomato sauce
8 jars of roasted tomato/garlic
9 jars of tomato soup
total = 28 jars for the pantry (although I think we have eaten our way through 6 already)

I have many more tomatoes and preserving days ahead of me this summer and I cant wait. 

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