Reflecting on 2022 - my year of growth

3 January 2023

You could be forgiven for wondering if I was even still alive. I really took a backseat on life throughout 2022 - instead of running at full pace ..dabbling in everything I pulled right back and no doubt hit rock bottom midway through the year. I was struggling with the loss of everything that I'd once been. Its interesting that my 2022 word of the year had been GROW because although at times I struggled to see it... I did in fact do just that.... maybe just not in the way I imagined.

 Here is my recap ...

  • January was hot - we spent the holidays here at home with a house full of kids. Many evenings were spent eating chicken wraps for dinner down at the lake or yabbying in the creek. My garden produced prolifically and I preserved as much as I could. Many many jars of tomato.. zucchini and beet products. The dehydrator ran non-stop and our stores of food grew. 

  • I started another mosaic crochet project - The Indiana Afghan by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir - I'm a bit bummed that its now 2023 and its still not quite finished...but no doubt Ill complete it in 2023.

  • In March M..M and A left home for life on the road. I miss them so much but also feel so happy they are living the life of their dreams - IG -cruisin_thecontinent  or follow their BLOG

  • I made 3 quilts and a number of softie bears. I also made a lot of items for my wardrobe. 

  • In April we lost our much loved Dad ..(my Father in law) and Grandpa. He taught us all the value of hard work and how to squeeze great joy out of the simple things in life. He took great interest in all of his kids .. grand / great grandkids and I loved that he always listened intently without interruption to the stories he was told. His face would shine with admiration and pride and he loved nothing more than being surrounded by family. The only comfort is that he is now reunited with Hazel ... the love of his life.

  • We took a little road trip to Victoria and puttered along in Winnie the motorhome. The weather was wet and cold but it was so lovely to finally break through the 'fence' around South Australia and travel to another state.

  • We spent school holidays with the grandies and squeezed in all or favourite activities - playgrounds.. cooking.. crafting and hanging out with cousins.

  • We had camping trips with friends.. and spent time at the beach cleaning out a lifetime of memories from Ians family home.

  • I learned to drop my 'busyness' and told my 'ego' to take a back seat - I switched my focus to quieter soul driven life. I learned to make time for meditation and began listening to what my heart was intuitively telling me.

  •  I grew spiritually.. took note of all the synchronicities and the power of affirmations and the law of attraction. I enjoyed new experiences and opportunities that came up including a Yoga and Meditation retreat. (Thankyou K for inviting me along ... it was just what I needed)

  • I fell in love all over again with Oracle decks and may have added quite a few more to my collection.

  • I decluttered and reorganised at home and spent more time focussing on a simple and frugal life. I attempted to stretch our budget and reduce our wastage. I learned that life still goes on when the paycheck stops.

  • My shoulder recovered perfectly from the surgery last year but I was still unable to return to work due to the mandate. I struggled mentally with this for so long... it really took a toll. Opinions of others weighed very heavily on me and yet I just couldn't add another assault to my body. So my 20 year career was over just like that. It took me months to process the perceived unfairness of this but ultimately I believe 'things happen for you... not to you" so I am mostly at peace with it now.

  • I still have lizards - Eric and Dunstone are still around. Brutus may or may-not be...I haven't seen him this summer yet.

  • We were also very excited to attend another wedding this year - and had a lovely long and fast road trip to Portland and enjoyed watching our niece marry the love of her life.

  • Another highlight was having all Ians family together to celebrate his parents life together - they would have loved seeing the entire family all in one place. I am sure they were there hand in hand watching from above.

  • The final 2022 memory has to be the significant flood event happening at the moment. The Murray has swollen to somewhere close to the 1956 level. Levees have been built to try and protect towns and businesses but many places have already succumbed to the rising water and businesses have closed. I am so grateful that we are relatively unaffected and at no risk from flood waters. 

In 2020 I summed up my recap with...

 "I learned what really makes me happy..... and its simplicity... its homegrown... handmade... recycled... low waste....low tox. I also learned I am overwhelmed quickly by noise... action...and 'to-do' lists."

I still love those words... but perhaps I'll also add "I also learned to listen to my heart and soul.. if it doesn't feel right then its not for me."

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