A weird thing grew in my front garden ..

22 June 2022


The weirdest thing popped up in my front garden.... I was initially excited .. thinking I had scored a lovely volunteer plant that would likely bear some delicious fruit. I even got Ian to pop a trellis around it so it had somewhere to climb.

Then its fruit appeared... the weirdest spiky cucumber thing Id ever seen. I asked the question on a local garden Facebook page and soon learned I had grown some African Horned Cucumbers. Apparently they are edible... but they aren't for me. Its possible I let mine grow too long because they are literally filled with seeds. 

How did it get there? I have heard a number of theories including dropped by birds... but the one I think is quite possible is that it arrived in the sugar can mulch we spread at the front.

So... they are headed to the green waste bin unfortunately unless anyone local wants them?

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