Our Western Australia trip 2023 – the South Australian leg

4 June 2023


This trip had been on and off again so many times over the last 4 years and finally the planets aligned… and we were off.

Before I begin …. there is no doubt that the Top End and the North West of Western Australia are far more suited to 4WD trips (and even more so after recent floods) but we have chosen a 2WD adventure…. because Winnie our motorhome is only 2WD.

We are well aware that we won’t get to everywhere on the map… nor will we see all the ‘bucket list’ sights this trip  … but we are totally ok with that.

It seemed to take us forever to actually leave home on day one .. and in the end we only travelled a mere 150kms and pulled into a rest area our side of Burra. It was a beautiful spot to ease into the realisation that we were finally actually doing this!

Having travelled the South Australian portion of this trip a few times before it wasn't long before we said farewell to South Australia. 

(until we see it again in months to come on the Nullarbor) 

The Highlights?

  • Overnight at Glendambo with friends who were travelling home in the opposite direction. We enjoyed a meal at the Pub and a few games of SkipBo.

  • A stopover in Coober Pedy. This place is always a favourite. I was also thrilled to have a new opal put in my ring that I bought there many years ago. We also played half a dozen holes at the Coober Pedy golf course...what an experience! The flies were thick...  there were rocks and stones and tufts of grass obstacles everywhere but we gave it a crack.

The things we missed?

  • Not too much on this section - maybe some drives into the breakaways and some of the many tracks around town that are scattered with mines. Honestly though the views from town pretty much sum up Coober Pedy.

Most expensive fuel?
  • Marla - $2.15 p/l

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