Western Australia trip - the Northern Territory leg.

5 June 2023

 It was so satisfying to cross the border into the Northern Territory... we knew once we arrived in Katherine we could turn off onto roads we hadn't travelled before. We just had to do the km's to get to Katherine first.


  • Overnight stay at Banka Banka Station. It was so lovely pulled up alongside the cattle and in the evening we took a drink up to the lookout to watch the sunset. Top spot for an overnighter.

  • Daly Waters - what a treasure this spot is. Its quirky and vibrant with lots to do. They have an awesome little shed of treasures... a great pub with live music in the evening... and we also had their beautiful Beef and Barra meal in the evening. It was so lovely sitting chatting with other travelers and listening to music. 

  • Bitter Springs - we loved it here....especially me. I didn't want to get out of the thermal springs and did the 'float' a number of times. We also popped into Mataranka springs the following morning so I could take a dip there too. 

  • Timber Creek - Another lovely little scenic spot was Timber Creek. We set up under some shady trees and I commented how much I loved it there. Just on dusk though a million bats flew in... and I had no idea how stinky they were! Thankfully we escaped most of the bat shit... and all was well. The Timber Creek police museum was a really interesting gem of a spot. We learned a lot about the settlement and policing of the top end.

The things we missed?

  • Not too much at all - we no plans to explore Katherine having done that before... and all of the spots we were interested in were doable with 2WD.

Most expensive fuel?
  • Erldunda - $2.56 p/l

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