Western Australia Trip - Bremer Bay to Esperance and the last leg home over the Nullarbor

29 December 2023

(Photo taken in Esperance)

From Albany we moved on to Bremer Bay.... a gem of a spot. We fell in love with this place and spent a low key few days playing golf.. fishing and beach walking. 

Bremer Bay marked the beginning of a great few weeks....   from here we moved on to Fitzgerald National Park and loved it. 
We booked in at the Four mile campsite - and enjoyed lots of the walking trails... beach walks.. wildflowers and fishing. We also climbed yet another huge hike to the top of East Mount Barren for spectacular panoramic views. The coastline here was so rugged 'serrated' like giant teeth sticking out of the sand. Then to top off this incredible spot ... our friends that we met in Quobba arrived and we spent 2 nights together sharing travel yarns and reminiscing. 

Sadly we had to eventually leave Fitzgerald River NP and head onwards to Esperance. We already knew we loved Esperance so we weren't too sad to be going back. 
We had a relaxed and wonderful time... we drove around through the bays whale watching and were lucky to watch this whale and her calf right in close on a number of days. (See pic at top)
We spent a few nights out at Cape Le Grand National Park - staying at Lucky Bay Campground.

Here we are tucked into our campsite at Lucky Bay (motorhome top right)

About to climb Frenchman Peak .. 

We made it to the top

It felt no time at all before our time was up in Esperance .. we squeezed in as much as we could including a couple of games of golf.
Then it was time to set off across the Nullarbor toward home. It wasn't a bad trip home... the first night we stayed at the Caiguna Blowhole Rest Stop. I did feel a little unsettled by the hollow earth underneath us and half expected a sinkhole to swallow us alive. Thankfully it did not. 

We were enjoying playing the Nullarbor golf holes along the way until Ian was bitten by a dog paying for fuel at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and we had a frantic dash to Eucla for a tetanus shot. The upside of that was our timing was perfect for a night perched on top of Bunda Cliffs.

The remainder of our Nullarbor trip was uneventful... and we pulled into Streaky Bay for a few nights. Once again spending it with our travel friends... I think we were all feeling a little reluctant to call our trip over. Streaky Bay was fabulous as always... we played golf... dined out (a rarity) and soaked in the last few days.

We had one more stop and Melrose before arriving home on the 5th September 2023.
106 days
15 weeks
16700 kms
15 Golf courses
31 books
beaches.. national parks... wildflowers steep climbs and brand new friends.

Most expensive fuel - 
  • $2.69 at Eucla

Caravan Parks - 10
Low Cost / Free Camps / Rest Stops - 7

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