26 May 2006

I did an absolutley stupid thing last night.......but to put the story together I'll start at the very beginning. I was wanting to backup my photos from the computer (ah! Im guessing this gives you an idea), I have recently had a new burner installed, with new fancy software(actually not that fancy in hindsight). Anyway I was trying to put the photos into a slideshow and somehow managed to send all the selected photos to the desktop....I was laughing thinking ...ha ha thats funny look what Ive done....so I madly sent them all to the recycle bin and emptied the bin (got to keep the desktop tidy)...I was just assuming that these photos were copies....but NO! they were the originals!! I had now just deleted the very best of Brents photos that had been taken over the last 2-3 years. Well you can probably imagine my range of emotions......firstly I cried..and nearly pulled my hair out, then I was angry...really really angry, then I just resigned myself to the fact and wrote a post in the Scrapboxx forum.
Then shortly after....an angel was sent........the beautiful and caring Maria (Scrapboxx) phoned and emailed me a link to a recovery program. I was so gobsmacked by the phone call that Im not even sure what I said....lol. I just cant beleive that with all the hassle with the forum at the moment that Maria even has the time to come to my rescue.......so HUGE Thankyou Maria!!
anyway back to the saga......I spent about 3 hours downloading recovery programs and managed to eventually restore 20 photos...unfortunatly they were all very old, not of Brent and all went straight back into the recycle bin. I have been unsuccessful to this minute in getting back the files that Im after but its amazing how having a glimmer of hope, and a constructive plan has helped. I have tried to recall all the photos that would have been among them...I know I have scrapped a few of them already, I luckily printed out 4 or 5 the other day for a page and I guess the others are just gone...sob!
Just a funny angle though.....Brent came home from stocktaking late last night.....I explained to him that I had lost a heap of his photos, all the best ones.......he said so seriously to me " Well just take some more...Im not dead you know!!"....gotta love him.
I think he was actually excited because the photo of him blowing out his candles on his 17 yo birthday cake is gone...and he couldnt be happier.....lucky I scrapped it.
Oh well , a recap on the family...Brent is having his last day at school today..he then has a few days picking pumpkins next week before starting his official job on the following Monday.
Mitch....nothing to report.
Briony.....nothing to report.
Ian, has been picking pumpkins after work most days this week...Im just calling him Peter now...lol
Me, Im off to Gawler today...Chiropractor appointment..then I plan on doing some scrapping...Im actually feeling a bit bombarded by thing I need to finish...and I joined another CJ too...that has to be mailed in 2-3 weeks..ahhhhh!
Have a great day everyone and remember....always backup your photos!!!!


  1. Oh no!!!! How awful for you. OMG, I don't even know what I'd do if that happened. Which reminds me, I must back up the last month's worth of photos of J. I so hope you can recover them.
    I haven't been on the Boxx much in the last couple of days and noticed it's down at the moment. Hope everything's OK. How sweet of Maria to send you the info about the recovery programs.
    LOL about the 17th birthday photo.

  2. oh, Mardi
    i can relate to your angst-3 weeks ago, i was copying some photos into another file, and chloe came along and pushed a button- all the photos dissappeared, and i was in tears, and shock. Luckily in my case, they were transferred to another folder, and we eventually found them, but it was a timely reminder, and we have now backed up and have 2 copies on discs (im sending 1 set to my sisters)
    I really feel for you, and hope you can retrieve some (cant give you any tips, however, im a dufus with the puter),- do like Brents outlook on it, i must say!and how lovely for Maria to ring you!
    hope youre having a better day today

  3. Hey Mardi...Sorry to hear about your pics! I know how you feel. last year I lost a heap of mine aswell. I almost felt as if my life was coming to an end..lol. Bloody technology!! The most depressing thing was, no-one understood my pain!! Here i was devestated and everyone around me was like "there only photos." Photos are everything to me, and it sounds like you feel the same!
    Hope you get some scrapping done before you go back to work..you'll be kicking yourself if you don't!
    Can I ask, was one of the programmes called 'recover my photos'?

  4. Oh Mardi, I am so sorry about the loss of your photos. I do know that you can take your hard drive into some places and they can recover them. Is costly though I think.
    What a sweetie Brent is, I guess he is volunteering too sit for a photo shoot then :). Can't wait to see the photos from the shoot RAFLMAO.
    How did the scrapbooking go?
    Take care
    Bronny :)