Ahhh...days off!

25 May 2006

Well Im on days off...Yay!
Nothing much to say really.....Ian took Mitch back to the Doctor....I think he did a good job as far as asking questions and the Dr helped by sending home a copy of all Mitch's results so that I could see them for myself. The long and short of it is....he needs to take MORE supplements and then have a repeat test in 2 months...if his iron level is still low at that stage...he will need endoscopy and colonoscopy to check for bleeding....Im sure he will be ok in 2 months, because I dont want that for him.
while Im on the subject.....I took Briony to the Orthodontist yesterday and she need bands to straighten her teeth......no surprise there. The Orthodontist predicts it will take about the same amount of time as Mitch's and cost the same amount......$6500.00.....I know it has to be done but I could cry at the cost.....we have only just recovered from Mitch's.
On a brighter subject....Brents prospective employer visited last night to talk to Ian and Brent...he explained what the apprenticeship would entail, pay rates, expectations ect...Brent has until Wednesday to make sure this is what he wants and then if he decides to accept the position he will start on the following Monday. I havent had an oppurtunity to talk to Brent yet....but Im sure he will accept...he is keen to leave school.
Briony has been offered some rabbits...we used to have a beautiful giant one called Patch who unfortunatly had to be put to sleep when he got sick....the offer is to take 4 dwarf rabbits with hutch provided....Ian is opposed to the idea but if I help..Im sure we can persuade him.
It is so cold here this morning.....frost everywhere...just too cold. Why is winter even necessary...what good comes from it?


  1. I am glad things went well at with Mitch at the dr, especially him sending home the test results. I hope the increased Iron tablets help with the iron levels.
    What a great potential boss Brent has. Wonderful to see that he came around to your place and met you all and layed all his cards on the table with pay rates and what he expects. At least now if Brent goes with it, which I am sure he will, (who couldn't resist making money at his age lol), he can't say he didn't know it was going to be such long hours, or pay rate etc. I hope it all goes well for him.
    Wow what a lot of money for teeth straightening. My kids aren't at that stage yet (and by the sounds of it, I hope they dont need them). On a brighter note, I hope those rabbits sneak into your back yard alright. I can see some brilliant ideas for layouts there LOL. Take care
    Love and hugs
    Bronny :)

  2. wow Mardi - came here from twobees blog - adore your LO's scrolling on the right!
    Hope the iron levels come right with these supplements.

  3. I am glad to hear that you got results sent home to you. At least you know that nothing was missed.
    Let us all know how it goes.
    Good luck for Brent and his new career...welcome to adult life!!! Not as easy as it sounds, but i think it's best for hiim to be happy. (says me who knows everything...lol)
    WOW, that much to fix teeth, I'll give it a go for half the price!!! lol (kidding) Gotta do what you gotta do hey!
    Oh, little wabbies. Our wabbie just died, poor thing. I'll have to come and play!!
    HAve a great few days off, get lots done won't you!