Ive been a naughty Mardi....

28 May 2006

Why is it that even at my age......I still do stupid things, lessons that I should have learnt long before. Lessons that if Id had any brains at all I wouldnt be sitting feeling sorry for myself, and wouldnt be feeling yuck today. I had huge plans for today too, I was going to clean the house and attempt some scrapping........ and now nothing will be done....for I am very seedy. I am the self inflicted victim of two important lessons.......firstly always be responsible for pouring your own drinks and secondly dont wash down hayfever tablets with scotch and soda.
We actually went to a 50th birthday party....had an absolutley great night...lots of laughs and it all seemed a hoot at the time....now I suffer!
Ok enough of whinging about my self inflicted miseries.....on to other things..
Brent and Mitch played Footy at Browns Well......Their team won...Brent got into the best players again. Mitch played like a demon (he is a wild tackler)...there you go Mitch a special comment just for you....he was feeling a little left out...lol.
Briony's team lost netball...but she was chosen as best player this week.
Brents new girl Alex stayed over and went to watch Brent play footy...she is such a sweetie.
Just thought Id share this photo of Alex....as she is becoming a regular part of our family and Brents life.
Ok....Im off to take it easy.......hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Bye for now Mardi x


  1. roflol Mardi!!! How funny! The question is...did you have a good night? Thats the main thing. lol

    Wow, Alex is a stunner!!! What a pretty girl!
    Hope your feeling better soon...lol
    chat soon

  2. Woohoo...girlfriends already!! LOL
    She's a stunner too!!
    Have to laugh at the self inflicted illness..LOL..I certainly know how you feel there and didn't even go to a party!!
    Don't worry..it'll wear off!!
    Sharryn :)

  3. Ugh. Hangovers. The great thing about pregnancy and breastfeeding is that I haven't had a drink in ages! No hangovers. I feel so healthy, lol! The second great thing is that because I haven't had a drink for around 18 months, when I had half a glass of wine on Wednesday night, I felt pissed, lol!
    Hello, I'm Kathie and I'm a two pot screamer.
    Hope you're feeling a little bit better by now.