23 May 2006

Well just a quick whinge this morning...housework!...why is it so never ending?
Thats how I will be spending my morning....vacuuming, washing and picking up 'stuff' that shouldnt be laying around.

Briony went back to school this morning.....feeling much better, she ended up spending two days with a fever on and off...came out in a rash all over her feet which only lasted a couple of hours and then woke this morning feeling a lot better....just a slight cough and blocked nose still. Im guessing its a type of virus.
Mitch goes back to the doctor today to get the plan of attack for his low iron levels....doofus me made the appointment not realising I was on night Ian will have to take him. I hope he asks enough questions.....I know I have heaps but wont be there to ask them...bummer!
Brent is relishing his last week of school....oh! if only he realises the easy days will be over...I think he will be in for a rude shock somehow.
Just thought I d include a photo that I took at the boys footy game on camera is next to useless across the length of the oval but if you were very imaginative you could see that Brent is second from the right and Mitch is fifth from the right....they played at Wunkar...which is out in the Mallee with crops growing all around the oval...a lovely peaceful spot.

Anyway...this isnt getting the floors vacuumed....have a great day everyone


  1. Housework.....YUCK!!!! I am going to have a lazy day today. (oohh, another you
    Great to here that Briony is feeling's not nice to be sick.
    I Hope you get the answers your looking for with Mitch at the doctors. Send DH with a list of
    Chow for now,

  2. I was going to say what Belinda said. Send the men along with a list of questions and a pen LOL. That way you know they are being asked, that is if they take it out of their pocket. I hope the blood test results come back fine.
    Glad to hear Briony is on the mend. I really feel for sick children.
    As for the house work, when you have finneshed do you want to pop over here. I have been procrastinating and it isn't good LOL.

  3. Anonymous10:28 am

    Hi Mardi,

    I just wanted to say hello, I noticed you had a blog on Memory Bugs, I love your layouts so much going on really lovely, I am a bit of an embellisher so I always tend to have pretty busy pages. I will have to go onto the newby area and say hello. Best Wishes