My Dear Kate

21 May 2006

Well......this is the last page that I created during my days off, before returning back to work for my next rotationof shifts. Its funny how this Layout came to be.......I was ready for bed on my last available scrapping day...I was thinking to myself that I hadnt managed to acheive many Layouts in these days on the spur of the moment I got up from bed, pulled out this beautiful photo and some papers and put it all no time at all. In fact when I sat back and looked...I wasnt sure if I even liked it or not.......I think that it came together so quickly that it hadnt had a chance to grow on me yet. Now...I must add......this is not my norm...I usually have photos for ages, procrastinate over the papers and then find it difficult to come up with a design....maybe the new Freestyle book is getting to
Ohh...also, its a pity the photo looks so cock eyed...its actually dead straight in real have to believe me on that one.
Anyway the Layout is of Briony and her dear friend Kate from Qld. They dont get to see each other very often but that just doesnt matter with them...they are friends for life. I must add that I received an absolutley beautiful email from Kate today...she really has the most lovely nature and we all love her heaps.

I guess I must also tell you all about my scrapping news.....I mentioned it in my last post and I know it created suspense for a few
Its going to sound really corny now....but....I received an email from Krys at Scrapbooking Memories asking if I would take part in a product challenge......WOULD I?...are you kidding...of course I would!...I was fact Im sure she probably thinks Im a total looney, I think overjoyed probably describes my reaction. I was just 'overjoyed' she new my name and that she new I had an email address.....sheer joy from such a little thing.

I worked today, came home to find my dear Briony tucked up in bed.....apparently where she had been all day. She has a fever and a sore neck...Ive popped her in the bath, dosed her with panadol and now Im watching her like a hawk. I so wish I wasnt working tomorrow...I feel she needs me.
My dear Brent is still not home...he has been visiting his new girlfriend in Waikerie, he left after footy yesterday and hopefully will be home by his 8pm curfew tonight.

No other news from the home of Mardi...thankyou so much to everyone who has been bothering to read my news (such as it is)..and I really appreciate anyone leaving a comment. I would never have realised how nice it would be to receive a comment until I actually started this Blog myself, now I realise that just a 'hello' makes me feel thanks.
Happy Mardi xxx


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your scrapping clever little thing! We all know you deserve it...your layouts are all just so stunning!! No wonder they picked you!! Could i maybe get your autograph now?? Just incase you forget who your friends are when your famous!!! lol
    Poor Briony...I hope shes ok...if you need a 'babysitter' let me Actually, a friend called me today..her DD had exactly the same symptoms. She took her straight to the hospital today and they said she has a really bad virus.
    Lastly, your blog is such a joy to read! I need my daily
    Keep those fantastic posts coming.

  2. Hellooooo
    I am LOVING that layout. I just left a comment on it at the Boxx just now. It is gorgeous - as is the photo of the girls!!!
    AND! Well done to you on your great SM news! Wonderful!!!!

  3. Congratulations on being asked to do a SM challenge! Have fun with it. I just finished one off tonight, ready to put it in the post to them this week. Man, it was a CHALLENGE. If you know what I mean.
    Love the flowers on your layout. What a great idea.

  4. hi mardi
    you know love this layout- (and all your others lol)
    i hope briony is feeling better!
    well done on the challenge, im not surprised either that your work is getting picked up!

  5. Mardi,
    I just think this layout is awesome. I do hope you are subbing this one? And how brilliant that you are going to get a pack of Krys at SM, I hope it goes well. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I hope Briony comes right soon.
    Take care
    Bronny :)