Wow...Ive had fun tonight!

11 May 2006

Tonight was the second of my Kim Archer online classes. It was just as fantastic as the last one....she is a true professional, everything runs like clockwork.....Pretty happy with my LO too. Funny thing happened though (well actually not really that funny...more annoying really) Brent decided he's going to have one of his chat sessions all the way through a huge portion of the class. Normally he's not very talkative and you have to fish information out of him......but because I was onviously quite intently busy...he decides its chitty chat time.....I just cant work teens out! Thanks for looking..and reading............Mardi


  1. Well what a another brilliant layout Mardi. I love the colours and I adore the idea of having different photos from different years on it so that you can see the growing up. Think I will have to pinch that idea off you :).
    LOL at Brent wanting to talk while you were so busy with Kims on line class. Isn't that just typical :).

  2. This layout looks fantastic!
    I really have to sign up for an online class one day...sounds like fun.

  3. Wow, that is a great LO. I'm busting to do one of Kim's classes one day. What a good looking boy he is!!
    I also love your LO about you. That is a stunning photo! Your hubby must be Ian; so is mine!
    Congrats on the DT appt. I had the same anguish as you but I was so busy I just had to 'do it' and first month went fine. I'm loving it; i'm sure you will too. Your work is brilliant so you'll be fine.

  4. LOL just can't pick 'em!!
    My eldest is the same..I can be cleaning or whatever all day and as soon as I sit down he starts yapping..LOL
    Love this LO and the colours you've used and Brent is such a good lookin' boy.
    Sharryn :)