My first tag....

4 May 2006

Well Ive been tagged for the very first time by Kathie,
What a thrill it was to be thought of as a tag a big thanks.
I must admit I was checking out Kathie's Blog when I noticed I had been tagged.....I immediatley thought Yipee! Woo Hoo! .....and then reality the heck do I actually do this? my official Blog mentor came to the
So here goes my first tag.

In my Fridge
leg of lamb to roast for tea tonight
nothing else at all exciting - just the normal fridge basics

In my Closet
Some new yummy clothes I bought in Mildura a couple of weeks ago.
Colorado jeans and boots.
A pile in the corner to go to St. Vinnies.

In my handbag
Ill make this my work bag....because I rarely use a handbag.
Scrapbooking magazines
My journal
hand cream / hair brush
Jar of decent coffee ( just cant stomach caterer's blend)

In my car
Football boots
P Plates
Dodgeball nomination form (on the floor with the footy boots on top of it)
The car adaptor for the boys MP3 player
Its pretty obvious I share my car with a teenage

On my DVD / Video player
Tape with Mcleods Daughters from about 3 weeks ago
Kath and Kim DVD.....Briony was watching for the 200th time

Now, I am tagging



  1. As i started reading this entry, my instant reaction was......AHHHH COOL Mardi's been tagged!! once i got to the bottom of the post i went....OMG...Mardi's taggin ME!!!! ROFLMAO, and next was the thought of....OMG WHAT THE HELL DO I DO??? lol. Mardi, come know im new to this Pauline would say...."PLEASE EXPLAIN" lol

  2. Thanks mate..LOL
    Have now answered my tags..
    I love being's so fun!!
    Sharryn :)

  3. Grapes, yummo.
    Glad you liked the tag.