Some exciting news...

11 May 2006

Well this week has been just as exciting as I planned.......and I have some very exciting news!
It involves a Design Team...and Im thrilled but a little daunted.....what if I get a big 'scrap block' and cant scrap?, what if I loose my mojo all together?, what if?, what if?.....LOL
No seriously Im thrilled and eager to start.....more details later...sorry.

I have had a few days off already, and I spend so much time preparing everything to make time to scrap, preparing photos ect to scrap.........but not actually doing it. I even made a trip to RSS yesterday to get some cardstock ect. and came home without adhesives...the very thing that I went for...Grrrrrr.

So Im off the computer to scrap....stay tuned for some creations!


Ok.....Ive managed to create one page....I'm just struggling today....its certainly not coming easily....but at least Ive completed my BOM entry for the Scrapboxx challenge. ...oh and I do have another idea planning in my head...Im going to try and pounce on the moment before the idea disappears.
Funny story behind this photo too....I asked the kids to take some photos of me and then along came Ian. He wanted me to stand at the opposite end of the garden from where I was postioned......Im not happy because I dont want the crusty shed for a backdrop.... so, every photo has me screwing my face up in protest of his chosen location....the last of the sunlight quickly disappeared and this was the one and only photo that wasnt deleted off the camera....gotta love them!...Have a great day..Mardi xx


  1. Big congratulations on the DT. LOL, I know all about the stress you put yourself under at first. Don't worry, after a while you get used to it. even forget about it and then you'll just scrap. Don't worry, your work is just lovely - especially the BOM page I saw today. You'll be fine.

  2. Huge congratulations Mardi. That is absolutely awesome. You will have no problems with it, your work is just absolutely divine and you will truely do the dt justice. I adore your layouts and you are a true source of inspiration for me.
    I love your "snap shot of your life" layout. yummo.
    I look forward to seeing more layouts :) Take care Bronny :)

  3. Mardi, Congrats!!!!!

    Your LO looks stunning..gotta be happy with that picci!! It's great!
    Your work really does give me a 'SMILE' from ear to ear!