{sunset!....just gorgeous}

26 June 2006

I just love this sunset...captured the other night. This photo taken from outside my lounge room window..what a gorgeous view....and you can just make out all the grape vines in the foreground.
I guess there really is no reason to share this...I just thought it was a beautiful sky.

OK...on to the nitty gritty facts of everyday life....

We are off to Adelaide tomorrow...Briony has her first official dental appointment for bands on her teeth. Tomorrow will be the day they Xray her mouth, jaw and wrist (and they will also be able to determine her adult height)...she then is off to have the moulds done. Mitch (who has not long finished with his bands) has taken great delight in telling her how awful the mould material is. He has told her that it runs down your throat and makes you want to be sick...he also finished by saying "I bet you spew"...I was trying to tell him to shut up...but this is my child without an off button!!...nothing.. stops him when he's on a roll. Now she is panicking and no amount of reassurance is helping. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow.

Brent and Mitch both played footy again on the weekend..they had a very close game and scored a win....so they were very happy. Brent got best player this week so he was thrilled...I was more happy that he got through the game without being knocked out.

Brionys team also had a good win at netball..they really had their act together on Saturday and played well.

I managed to get a tiny bit of scrapping done...but mainly got the house in order so I can concentrate on some more today...perhaps I should get off the computer and actually do something...LOL

Talk soon
Mardi x


  1. Gorgeous sunset Mardi..what a view you must have!!
    Congratulations on the DT..thats awesome!! You certainly are on a roll aren't you! No wonder..your work is amazing.
    Glad the kids came through the weekend without any injuries with sport..LOL
    Sharryn :)

  2. Great pic Mardi..very relaxing!

    Good luck to Briony for tomorrow...It will all be worth it in the end when her smile is perfect!
    GO...get off the computer..i want to see a heap of new layouts from you before the weeks out..lol

    Chat soon

  3. was that friday night?- funny, i took a pic of the cpouds (almost) at sunset on friday- not quite as dramatic though
    hope the dentist went well