The start of a new era.....

5 June 2006

Well today is the beginning of a whole new era in our household. We now have three members of the full time workforce and only two students. It also marks the end of having to bang on the bathroom door every five minutes, for half an hour to get Brent out of the shower each morning. It is the end of arguments over cereal, who will be sitting where at the table, who boiled the water in the kettle and what channel the TV is on......oh..and who has less time and needs to brush their teeth NOW!!.
It also marks the beginning of ...more dirty washing, bigger drink bottles on the bench, bigger lunchboxes in the fridge, sandwich making at night.......and the loss of my car...... and all this because....Brent starts work today!!
I was so nervous about him sleeping in for his first day......and so was Ian 6am, Ian phoned and asked me to check that Brent was out of bed and getting ready....and when I checked in his room, he was already gone.........he was certainly going to be super early for his first day....he has a 7am start and needs to allow 35min travel he would have had at least 20min to spare.
This got me to thinking, hasnt his life just flashed was only a year or so ago that he was my little primary school boy, my kindy boy, my toddler and my wee little baby.
I can remember the day this photo of Brent was certainly doesnt seem that long ago (another gorgeous Donna photo). Im guessing Brent was about 4 weeks old, and we were living in Bundaberg Qld.
He, even at this early age, was determined and strong willed baby....physically he was long, thin and strong too.......just what it takes to be a Bricklayer maybe!
So good luck my mate...hope it all goes well.

Good old Mitch probably hasnt even realised how peaceful his life has just become...he won't need to fight for the bathroom, school uniforms (Brent always stole Mitchells if his werent clean....LOL) or the last drop of milk. After Brent being away at Alex's all weekend...Mitch was dying for him to get Im guessing Mitch will miss him terribly and will probably now switch his attention to annoying Briony.

The funny thing is...with all the arguments and fights.....the house is so much fun when all the kids are home.......I love the laughs (and there are lots), I love the stories, I love watching them interact with each other, I love seeing them grow in to adults, I love seeing them take responsibility for themselves....I am so grateful for them all...and this house would be hollow and lonely without them.

Have a great week everyone.
Mardi xxx

PS. Jane (if you read this)...Happy Birthday!!


  1. Oh Mardi, what a milestone. I can only imagine how you are coping with it all, I feel all heavy chested and sad and it isn't my Boy. Doesn't the time go quickly though? I wish him all the best of luck with his job and I am sure he will do it well, and you will all be so pround of him. :) Take care.
    Love and hugs
    Bronny :)

  2. aarghh! blogger ate my comment!
    here it is again
    Im the same AGE as you now, and at the other end of the spectrum- one in kinder, the other still in nappies!what a milestone for you- i see a scrap page coming on this one!
    thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  3. LOL, reading your post, I'm dreading Jamie starting work. And he's only six months old!!!! You're sounding very reflective. I hope you're doing OK. It must be hard to see your baby all grown up and so "adult". You also sound like such a proud mama.

  4. huge!! I bet it's like watching him go off to school for the first time!! I hope all goes well for him. I'm sure he'll do fantastic!