Have you ever felt just a little under pressure?

28 June 2006

Well I have this last week or so...Im not even sure why.
I have just felt like Im too busy to be enjoying anything.....and the moment I sit to do something I feel rushed ...like Ive got so much to do that I cant just take the time and enjoy it.
My mind is swimming.....ahhhhh!

Anyway...enough of that.
Yesterday was spent in Adelaide...we had a super day...Briony's teeth were the reason for the trip and everything went really well. Now although Mitch did his very best to scare the living bejeepers out of her, she did really well and she didnt find the moulds that terrible at all. I think Mitch's problem is that he has trouble breathing through his nose...he is one of those snufalufagus type of kids...so if your mouth is full of gunk and you cant breathe well through your nose....I guess it is a bit frightening. Briony on the other hand has no problem with her nose and found it a breeze. The long and short of the visit is that she needs to have 5 teeth out (a mix of adult and baby)...then bands on probably by early September.

I was also spoit rotten by my gorgeous husband.....he bought me a slightly early birthday present....a new camera!!!
I am soooooo excited....I nearly slept with it last night. I have a lot of learning to do thats for sure...but Im thrilled! thrilled!!

I managed to do these couple of layouts on Monday night.....now, if youve noticed they are remarkably the same...its because they are....lol. This came about because Janelle (Nellie - Scrapboxx)...asked if she could scraplift a layout that I had done of Briony (the one called swing).....this was so sweet of her and I must add, her layout left mine for dead and looked GORGEOUS!.....so this got me thinking......why not scraplift myself....especially since each of these layouts will go into different albums. I really enjoyed doing it....minimal thinking....three very different layouts.....Yay!
Ive already shared "the swing"......so here are my two takeoffs.
More later...Mardi x


  1. I can totally understand all about feeling under pressure!!! It can get to you after a while...

    Love these two new versions of your awesome LO - thanks about mine too, it was so nice of you to let me lift it. I think it is a great idea to lift yourself sometimes too - might just have to do that!!

    x Janelle

  2. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Wow !! I love both of the layouts Mardi, I saw them on Memory Bugs and they are just gorgeous. Wow a new camera, you must be having a ball.

    I hope your family feels better soon.


  3. LOL @ snufulufugus..haven't heard that for yonks!!
    Great minds must think alike hey..when it comes to our blogs about time, pressure etc..LOL..almost the same. I'm feeling a little bogged under at the moment and thats why I've decided not to go to a meeting tonight..just have had too much on.
    Both the LO's look awesome and I can totally understand why Janelle would want to 'lift' them. I'm loving Janelles work too at the moment!!
    Hey..just realised Janelle...you know how your nick is Nelie? Why didn't you call yourself Windy? ROFL
    Sorry lovey..just joking!!
    Sharryn :)

  4. WOW Mardi..both LO's are just fantastic! Very, very eyecatching!
    How exciting..a new camera!! You lucky duck! Have loads of fun learning how to use it...i'm sure you'll have no problems at all doing that!


  5. Mardi your layouts are superb again... but would we expect any different from you LOL, that's not meant to add pressure ;)

    I almost always do two versions of the same layout, even using the same papers, one for each of the boys albums. Sames time and brain cells, and well, hey, when you come up with a design you like, why not use it more than once?

    xx k

  6. oooh, i need more details on the camera!!
    luurve to LOs- might just lift the boy one!
    and, there is nothing wrong with your original either lovie!!

  7. Anonymous9:22 pm

    lol. all the scrapbooking wives are asking for cameras for their b'days. i can't wait for mine:) great layouts, mardi.