Travel...cant get enough

13 July 2006

Well seeing as we embark on another journey tomorrow it seems appropriate to share this layout. I have been taking part in a Book of Me album on the Scrapboxx and this months topic was travel. I chose some really bright and fun colours this month and enjoyed scrapping a subject I adore.

I went to a crop session last night with the girls from RSS (my LSS) is always heaps of fun and I even managed to get a CJ entry almost completed. Talked heaps, laughed lots and got a little spoilt by Cheryl for having my first Scrapbook Creations layout published. Thanks so much made me feel quite special...I just cant wait to get a copy myself.

I spent most of yesterday cooking casseroles and packaging them up in the freezer for Brent to eat while we are away for the next couple of weeks. He now has 30 containers of Spaghetti Bog., Tuna Mornay, Apricot Chicken, Devilled Sausages and Chow Mein...all with vegies included. Ian arrived home and grunted something along the lines of "that boy is going to eat better than the rest of us"....but it helps to ease my guilt of leaving him home. Its quite funny that while Im worrying...I think he is really looking forward to us leaving and gaining...and his complete and utter freedom. Im hoping he actually realises just how much we actually do for him...and that when we get home he rushes out.....saying " I missed you...I missed you....I cant believe how much you do for me!"...Ooops..Im dreaming..Yeah! right if that would happen...LOL

I took Briony back to the Orthodontist is the long and short of it.
She is normal development for a 12 year old.
She will grow to about 5' 6" - 5' 7" tall.
She has impacted teeth in the front of her mouth ..that need an oral surgeon to remove under anaesthetic.....before any thing else can proceed.
She now needs a trip to Adelaide for day surgery...Aghh!
This will all cost....... 6 miiillllliooooon doooollarrs! (in my best Dr Evil voice)

Ok...must go now...its school holidays at the moment and Briony has three friends over today...they are sitting at the table at the moment playing Scattergories...that whirring of the timer drives me nuts......anyone with scattergories will probably understand.

Must go


  1. Yummy yummy LO Mardi...I could eat it up!
    What a lovely mummy you are, making meals for your son...ahhhhh!!
    Have a terrific'll be 'Aunty Mardi' by the time you get home..
    Safe travelling!!

  2. Wow...there'll probably be enough meals there for you for a month when you get home..LOL
    Yes..I know the Scattegories time...grrrrr..LOL..although we don't play it nearly as often as we used too.
    The TRAVEL I've said before is just AWESEOME..I love it!
    Have a great holiday!
    Sharryn :)

  3. ...ditto to what Lou said- your travel Lo is sensatonal.
    have a great trip- all that food for Brent- you must be going away for awhile!!!!!
    hope you get some scrapping done too

  4. Love that layout! But I've already told you that :)

    Oh poor Briony. I hope she's not too worried about the work she needs done.

    And what a fantastic mum you are cooking all those meals!!!

  5. Love all the bright colours in your LO.
    Wow! All that food. He'll be able to have all his mates around too.