(Monday...and another week begins....)

7 August 2006

Well we are home again....ahhh (sigh of relief)
1. Saturday was a rush of a day....Ian played Golf...Briony played netball...and the boys had football over at Paringa......this might not sound like Brent (Hmm)...but I got a phone call from him at football..."Ive forgotten my football boots....can you get them over here by 1250"...poor Ian had to leave his golf game and rush home to get the boots over there on time.....only to have Brent say..."nah!...dont need them now...Ive borrowed someone else's"....Teenagers!!!
We left from football and headed to Ardrossan to Ians Mum and Dads.
2. Ian and Mitch went fishing with his Dad...they caught 41 squid...so we have a lovely heap of calamari in the freezer now.....yum.
3. Briony had her teeth removed in Adelaide this morning...she was so brave and I was very proud of her. It was done in a day surgery unit...she went in at 10.30...had a little happy drug...had the 6 teeth removed (including one that was growing inside her gum at the top)...she then recovered in a chair for a while and was allowed home. She has had some mashed pumpkin for tea...and popped off to bed...Im guessing its going to be very sore tomorrow.
4. The baby bunnies have grown a little more and are spending more and more time bobbing around their hutch....Alex is still in love with 'Isaac' and even Brent has a soft spot for him. Isaac looks so small in Brents hands...and Ive also included a piccie of Alex with Isaac.

5. Brent started his new job today.....he enjoyed it thank goodnes.... I was so cranky to arrive home from Adelaide to all his toasted sandwich 'materials' all over the bench though.. ..Grrr...apparently "it was an accident...I fell asleep last night...and accidently didnt clean it up"..Teenagers again!!!
More photos from the weekend tomorrow...Im tired and thats all for tonight. (Well Ive just read my post ...and want to add...I do really love Brent...he just drives me around the twist.....lol)
Mardi x
PS...If you read this Lucy..we are thinking of you and huge ((((((hugs)))))).


  1. Glad you had a great weekend.
    I hope Briony isn't too sore tomorrow.
    Aweeeee, what a cute bunny wabbit!!

  2. I'm glad Briony's operation is over. Poor thing. I had my wisdom teeth out a year ago so I can relate a little. Hopefully she recovers really quickly.

  3. How frustrating for Ian with the boots.
    {{{{{GET BETTA VIBES}}}}} to Briony,
    Hope it wasn't to sore the next day.
    In my best Elma Fudd voice:
    "hehehehehe...I wike wuskaly wabbits" lol
    see ya

  4. Sounds like a good weekend! What a little ratbag with Brent and the footy boots... poor Ian!

    Best wishes to Briony for a speedy recovery. Had wisdom tooth removed a few months ago...and I can still feel the pain!

    Hope you had a good day today, and hopefully Briony isn't feeling too much pain.

    Take care
    Love n Hugz