Congratulations to Jane and Shirls...

24 August 2006

..but more on that later.......

Well whats happening in our home on Thursday night 24th August....

Brent and Mitch have headed off to footy practice....Im so grateful that Brent has a license and a car....they can just take themselves.

Ian is picking Briony up from Ballet.....and hopefully grabbing a couple of things at the supermarket for tomorrows lunches.

Ive just had a shower to wash work off me (sounds gross....but it wasnt really)...and Im stealing this moment to update while Im not feeling guilty about being on the computer.

I finally finished a layout that I started on holidays ...Im so over it!!!...I cant wait to slide into the album...but because I havent shared anything for a it is

apologies also for the bad photo...nice bit of shadow across the top...Mmmm.

I finally booked my flights to Perth and back for the Scrapboxx retreat in March 2007....I am so excited already and Ive still got months to wait. I visited the Scrapboxx today and Erica had posted a thread saying Virgin Blue was having a birthday sale...and I managed to save $86.00 by buying the tickets I was rapt.

I got my copy of For Keeps yesterday...and was utterly thrilled to see that bothJane (squiggle) and Shirls have been announced as Design Team members ...these girls are both wonderfully talented and will be a huge asset to For Congratulations from me!

There was also a gorgeous layout in their from Sheree Forcier....of her two gorgeous boys...and a great article by Kim Archer about mixing products on you layouts and storing them...I have altready taken a hint from Kim's article and next time I see a set of stackable drawers..they are mine....Im going to sort by colour.

I guess Ill also share my layout from this issue......its quite old now....and is a layout about our Journey across the Nullarbor in January this year....and also on Mitchells birthday. I have actually mispelt Nullarbor a number of times in the please dont scrutinise.

Well thats about it from me tonight...Briony and Ian have returned home...Briony has a stack of school notices to fill I better warm my pen up and get filling in.

Oops that was lucky.....Dad and Mum have just phoned and I have realised that Ive never uploaded a photo of Brents new car I dont want everyone green with envy when I upload it....Brent loves it very much....and when he gets around to all the changes he has in store for it Im sure it will be very much in demand....after all...its going to have new seat stearing and on!!

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Thats it now...Ive got notices to fill in...Mardi x


  1. Mardi..your layout is fabulous... as always. I know what you mean about being 'over it' though. I am over alot of my half started layouts at the moment! lol.
    Great wheels Brent...Mardi, i bet your glad you don't have to be taxi anymore.. :)

  2. Love the feel of your Nullarbor layout - very "desert", and I love the mix of papers you used. I'm glad you've posted your other layout, even if you are over it, lol. Lovin' those doodled flowers.

  3. Anonymous11:59 am

    Wow, Mardi you have a lot going on.

    Love the layouts, I especially love the first one just gorgeous.

    I hope you have fun at the scrapboxx retreat, lucky you.

    Best Wishes

  4. thanks Mardi
    youre a treasure :)
    love Brents wheels. I sorted my embellishments by colour a couple of months ago- makes life alot easier, and quicker
    love your Layouts you posted

  5. Loved the new page Mardi. I'm so jealous of yougoing to the box retreat. Not too sure if I will get there or not. Maybe if you are coming over early or staying a little later we could try and catch up for coffee somewhere.

  6. I love your "over it" layout :)
    My embellishments are colour coded too. I haven't got that issue of FK so I might have to somehow get my hands on a copy. I'd love to see Kim's article.

    I wish I was going to the Boxx retreat, if only to meet you in person! :) The only reason I'm not going is $.

  7. Anonymous7:28 pm

    awww thanks, mardi. how can you be over that layout. i can stare at it all your layouts are just getting better and better!

    i'm jealous of you going to the retreat too:)

  8. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Love the car. I bet he is over the moon. As always I love you layouts Mardi.

  9. Great LO's Mardi,

    Brent look so proud of his new wheels.

    Lucky you going to Perth, I bet you will have a ball.


  10. Wow..such a newsy post Miss MArdi! Thanks for the mention!! Now...your layout is gorgeous! and oh my goodness..Brent has a car..we are heading to that driving stage here in this house and i hate it...Brent's car looks pretty cool though!

  11. loved ur new lo Mardi...
    Don't u love the forms that u have to fill out year after year....
    Gotta love not being a taxi n e more!:)
    catch ya soon