Ever heard the phrase......

4 August 2006

"Breeding like rabbits"?...well we arrived home from holidays to seven tiny baby rabbits...all snuggled up in a nest...originally they had no fur and their eyes were tightly shut...but in only a week or so they have grown all their fur and are now bobbing around exploring their hutch ... and then they dashing back to snuggle back into their nest. I guess you can imagine the excitement ...Mitch and Briony love them..they are out their before and after school to check on them and snuggle them. They are so small they fit in the palm of your hand...so cute! Alex is also besotted with them and has chosen one as her special little "Isaac"...he looks like a tiny baby wombat ...actually I think that maybe Isaac in the photo. I guess I should add...Ian hates them...refuses to look at them...just keeps muttering "You wanted rabbits...this is your problem" ....I have a feeling they are not going to grow on him at all. I have seen the pet shop and they are more than happy to take them all...so I know they will all be safe and find homes.

So anyway ...what has been happening in the Winen household this week.....

1. Brent has found himself a new job ....working for a nursery ....not sure what his duties are yet....but basically labouring will be a huge part of it because they needed someone strong and physically able...he assured them....that after Bricklaying he was pretty sure he would manage.
So he commences work on Monday morning.....and a new chapter starts.

2. Alex has her year 12 Prom. in a couple of weeks and Brent is her partner...so we have been organising a suit to hire .....I am so looking forward to seeing them both dressed up and arriving at the Prom...Alex will look stunning Im sure...and Brent should look dashing in a suit. I will have the camera working overtime that night...Ill be so proud of them both.

3. I an and I have survived our first weeks back at work....had our tax done..and then came home shaking our heads wondering were the heck all the money has gone....surely we havent spent that much...Grrr!

4. Briony has a pupil free day today...Mitch was so annoyed this morning...why should he have to go to school if she wasnt?...Mmmm let me see...maybe because you are in High school..and they arent having a pupil free day today!

5. We are off the Ardrossan after sport on Sunday to catch up with Ian's Mum and Dad...we havent seen them for ages...and it will be nice to catch up (and eat some yummy homemade biscuits...LOL) ...we will stay with them Sunday night as well...then get up and go to Adelaide for Briony's day surgery to remove six teeth.....so the bands can go on in September. I am sure everything will go well with the surgery...and so much nicer than having to make two trips to the dentists chair...at least she will be in noddy land while they are removed..... but I just cant wait for it to be over with.

Well thats it folks...I have made three attempts to upload some more photos....but as usual Blogger is not behaving (makes me cranky)...Im off to clean up the house ..that will be a nice change...I never have to clean...LOL Grrrrrr!

Mardi x


  1. Mardi - I'm so glad that you had a great holiday! Beats working anyday. Yep Ive also had blogger gobble up photos too. Bummer isn't it. These bunnies look soooooo cute. I do believe they would be cuddled to death at our house though.LOL

  2. oh my , they are sooo gorgeous!!! I want one lol You are so lucky to be able to have them :D

    Sounds like you are super busy, and I hope blogger is nice to you, Im looking forward to more photos!

  3. Oh aren't they just gorgeous Mardi. I am sure the shop will have no trouble at all getting homes for them.
    Congrats to Brent on his new job. Hope it goes well for him. And for Alexs Prom. Can't wait to see photos of them all dressed up. Love how Alex and Briony get on so well.
    I hope Briony goes well with the teeth extraction. Something that I absoluely loathe (Dentists). Take care and look after those rabbits.

  4. He he love those bunnies, we used to well I had a rabbit called Malibu...yep, after the drink...not that I drank it.
    Briony & Alex will have a ball @ the yr 12 prom/formal....So will u guy's. & I'm bett'n there will be a lo in it.... ;P
    Glad work went fabbo. for u's.
    Loved the " all u need is love " lo
    Catch ya

  5. Ohhhhh how cute are the wittle wabbits..LOL We always had rabbits for the kids but haven't been able to have many pets in this house due to the backyard being fully paved.
    Can't wait to see the Formal pics..Alex and Brent look just gorgeous together.
    Good luck to Briony getting her teeth removed I'm sure she'll be just fine and congrats to Brent on his new job.
    Sharryn :)

  6. Awww those bunnies are too cute! Can I have one? Do you think he would survive the Aust Post trip to Canberra :) Actually I used to have a rabbit when I was about ten. He was a cranky old fart and wanted nothing to do with us! And of course he lived forever. Oh don't I sound nasty!

    Good luck to Briony. Is she having a general anaesthetic?

  7. I'm sooo tempted to take a bunny off your hands!!
    We had an angora bunny when the boys were little and it hid behind the stereo one night and wouldn't come out, so I left it there and the next morning when we went play the radio it wouldn't work! The rabbit chewed every cord into a zillion pieces!! so be warned!!
    I'm sending you a carton of tissues for prom night!! you won't get prouder moment Mardi, My heart burst when I saw my son in his first Tux!

  8. Aweeeeeee..how cute!
    How exciting..a prom. I had so much fun at my prom..they are definatly going to be a spunky couple all dressed up!
    Sounds like you've been busy..I hope you get a bit of time to chill out soon.

  9. Those bunnies are just gorgeous Mardi!!!

    Best wishes to Briony, hoping for a quick recovery.

    Glad you had a nice holiday

    Love n Hugz